Medical intuitive healers have existed for eons. Though rare in the past, as the world enters the 5th dimension and the Ascension reaches critical mass, more intuitive healers are awakening to new abilities.  

Medical intuitive healing abilities happen naturally and develop at a young age. Natural healers enter into healing professions to further develop capabilities allowing them to see into the human body and heal injuries and illnesses in humans and animals. 

Both Zion and Dyana gravitated naturally to healing professions throughout their lives. These gifted healers awakened early to their abilities and have expanded their knowledge, stepping into the world of quantum energy healing.  

They continue to develop cutting edge advancements in energy healing to include more than seeing into a human physical body but also into the etheric body to scan for abnormalities. The two provide their unique healing modalities to clients from all over the world. 

Both Zion and Dyana trained as quantum energy healing practitioners, personal development/life coaches and teachers healing on all levels, mental, physical, and spiritual.

As 5D Medical Intuitive Quantum Healing researchers, Zion and Dyana have uncovered new methods in energy healing.

  • By viewing the 5D etheric body, the team identifies abnormalities, negative issues, and blocks that hold people back in life.
  • By researching the Akashic Records, the team identifies and clears root issues that cause illnesses carried over from past lives.
  • Light therapies are used in the etheric body to realign the physical body.  
  • Medical intuitive readings reveal root causes to illnesses on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels allowing the team to heal on all levels. 
  • Our clients are worldwide to include infants to the elderly, including your pets. All are facing wide-ranging health and life issues.
  • Health problems cover all manner of illnesses and injuries, congenital disabilities, incurable diseases, as well as long-term health issues.

We invite you to join our phenomenal exploration into 5D Medical Intuitive Quantum Energy Healing. Allow us to rejuvenate your body, clear your interior blocks, and advance your life into the life you always wanted.

What is 5D Medical Intuitive Quantum Energy Healing?












When you click on the BUY NOW button, you will be directed to the next screen listing all the categories of illness, injury, or disease that is treated for that healing service.  Once you ensure your health issue is listed on the page, follow the link provided to start your order. 




If you have a health condition not on this list, you are welcome to communicate with the team to receive a consultation at the General 5D Medical Intuitive Quantum Energy Healing price.  We are always working to expand our knowledge and abilities and welcome all clients. Please add your name to our contacts list to receive updates on our studies and findings at the CONTACT FORM BELOW page.