Medical intuitive healing is a form of energy healing. 


Medical intuitive healing is a gentle form of energy healing that identifies and energetically removes your pain and disease. Healers who possess intuitive/cognitive skills scan the body to instantly identify abnormalities as well as the root cause of pain, illness, or unhealthy conditions.


Perfect health is created through balance and harmony in all areas of life.

Perfect health requires perfect balance in the whole person, the body ~ the mind ~ and the soul. The first step in achieving perfect balance is to identify areas that are out of balance and seek Intuitive Guidance to help you restore balance and improve your overall well-being whether it is health, relationships, or just to improve your quality of life.


How can healing the energy body affect my physical body?





3d illustration of a young man’s aura

The energy body, just like the physical body, reflects a blueprint of your

  • organs
  • body systems
  • energy meridians
  • chakras
  • and the energy channels and pathways that flow through your body.

Your energy field transmutes energies from your physical body to the other layers of your aura or outer energy fields.

Each energy layer of your body vitally impacts all layers by altering the frequencies during an energy healing. This interplay of energy between layers occurs at all times.

For example, high-frequency energy received from outside the body affects the physical body that then responds by reflecting health and wellness.

Yet again, low-frequency energy received from outside the body can produce negative responses in the form of turbulent unnatural energy, influencing the physical body and cells resulting in an imbalance.

This imbalance causes low-frequencies resulting in disharmony and dis-ease or pain. The longer the low-frequencies occur, the more damage incurred cellularly, resulting in a greater length of time to heal.

Negative outer influences lowering the human frequency result in

  • emotions of sadness
  • anger
  • fear
  • bitterness.

The longer these emotions endure, the more unnaturally altered the cellular blueprint of the energy body and physical body become. Then dis-ease incurred creates disease in the physical vessel.


How does dis-ease incurred within the body affect the physical vessel?


~  As the low-frequency damage continues, the result is blockages of the flow of chi throughout the body. The life force cannot flow naturally through the body, causing an imbalance.

~  The negative emotions must be released to return balance in the body. Otherwise, the result is an organic emotion creating stress that causes issues in every aspect of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers of the body.

~  The effect manifests as tension, stiffness in the body resulting in pain, depression, exhaustion, digestive-or-sleeping disorders. Low-frequency thoughts and emotions continue to rise into a more significant reduction in frequency.


How do I reverse the damage in my body caused by stress?


~  When you become conscious of your thoughts, you can deliberately raise your frequency. One method we teach is a “thought replacement” technique.

~  By being aware and observing your emotions and reactions to outer influences, you may release the negative impact on your body. When you release the stress and tension, you allow the higher frequency energy to dominate and then balance will return to your life.

~  This reversal of dis-ease in the body is taught through the Law of Cause and Effect, the Universal Laws teach us how to live a life of balance by observing our Beliefs, Intentions, Thoughts, and Emotions (BITE).  You have natural abilities to heal yourself but this knowledge has been kept hidden and you were not aware of your self-healing abilities and forgot how to use them to heal all aspects of your life.

~  The Zion Collective has come forth at this time to assist in your healing abilities to educate humanity in their personal power, to heal themselves, and to heal the energy body that naturally heals the physical body.  The Energy body is healed using fifth dimensional methods and techniques not known before in the third dimension. 


Have you wondered what it means to be awake?


~  Observe with a fresh perspective areas of your life that appear out of harmony.

~  Balance all aspects of your life through higher understandings of the Laws of Life.

~  Make decisive steps to take positive action in your life with proven techniques that guide your success.

~  Receive the support you have need and deserve dispelling the mysteries of life.

~  Zion and Dyana will gently and lovingly guide you to fully awakening and remembering who you truly are and your true purpose in life.


Most people are surprised to learn that all disease in the body begins with thoughts that are out of alignment with truth.  An intuitive medical scan of your energy body reveals the past, present, and future potential for holistically healing your life by identifying the root cause of your pain and suffering.

To return balance in your life, consider our services to holistically restore your alignment and return your life to perfect harmony.
























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