A medical intuitive healer is a sensitive being with the ability to view your inner body using psychic and intuitive skills.  By performing gentle energy healing and other processes depending on the nature of the pain and disease, your energy body is cleared, cleansed, and returned to a normal state assisting the physical to then heal.   


Perfect health is created through balance and harmony in all areas of life.

The first step to gaining perfect health requires perfect balance in the whole person. This includes the physical body, mental body, spiritual and emotional body.  The second step is to identify areas that are out of balance the four bodies are connected to one another energetically. 

Finally, seek professional spiritual guidance with tried and true methods to restore balance, improve your overall physical well-being, to create healthy relationships, and improve your quality of life.


How can healing my energy body affect my physical body?





3d illustration of a young man’s aura

The energy body, just like the physical body, reflects a blueprint of your:

  • Organs
  • Body systems
  • Energy meridians
  • Chakras
  • The energy channels [meridians] and pathways that flow through your body.

The energy field in the photo transfers energies from your physical body to the outer layers of your aura or outer energy fields. In other words, each energy layer of your body constantly impacts the other layers altering your frequencies throughout.  For example, high-frequency or positive experiences felt emotionally affect the physical body revealing health and wellness.

Yet again, low-frequency negative energy received from stressful experiences introduces unstable, unnatural energy affecting the physical body.  This stressful influence on the physical body and cells results in an energy imbalance.  Therefore, an energy imbalance creates disharmony, discomfort, or pain. The longer the discomforts occur, the more cellular damage incurred resulting in a greater length of time to heal.

Negative outer influences lowering the human frequency result in emotions of:

  • Sadness
  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Bitterness
  • Apathy
  • Hopelessness
  • Resentment
  • Living in judgment of others

The longer these emotions endure, the more damage results to the cellular blueprint of all four bodies showing as a disease in the physical vessel.


How does dis-ease incurred within the body affect the physical vessel?


As low-frequency damage continues, the result is a blockage in the flow of chi throughout the meridians in the energy body. Chi or life force cannot flow naturally through the blockages formed in energy pathways, causing an imbalance.

Blockages must be released to return balance in the body as the negative emotion creates stress rippling through every aspect of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers of the body causing a health crisis.

The effect manifests as tension, stiffness in the body, pain, depression, exhaustion, digestive-or-sleeping disorders. Continued cycles of low-frequency thoughts and emotions cause a more significant reduction in frequency and more pain and disease in the body.


How do I reverse the damage in my body caused by stress?


Start by becoming conscious of your thoughts, deliberately raising your frequency using a method called “thought replacement” technique, decrees to retrain your thoughts as many thoughts are more habit or family belief systems. Secondly, as you become aware and observe your emotions and reactions to outer influences, learn methods to release the negative impact on your body.  Releasing methods involve responding differently in stressful and tense situations before emotions flare, allowing the higher frequency energy to dominate and return a balance in your life. 

To assist in reversing negative influences in the body, incorporate the Law of Cause and Effect, [Universal Laws] which teach you how to live a life of balance.  In addition, by observing your Beliefs, Intentions, Thoughts, and Emotions (BITE), your natural abilities to heal yourself return, empowering you to heal all aspects of your life.These are all methods we teach our clients in recovery.

Contributing to this process, the Zion Collective has come forth to reveal your forgotten healing abilities, for you to reclaim your personal power to heal your energy body thus naturally healing your physical body.  With guidance, you will learn to use higher dimensional methods and techniques not known before in the third dimension. 


Have you wondered what it means to be awake?


  •   Do areas of your life appear out of harmony?
  •   Balance all areas of your life and seek higher understandings of the Laws of Life.
  •   Take steps toward positive action in your life with life coaching and proven techniques for success.
  •   With our specialized support, you can resolve the mysteries of life.

Through gentle, loving guidance to full awakening, you may recover memories of who you are and discover your true purpose in life.


To be awake is to discover that all disease in the body begins with thoughts that are out of alignment with your truth.  The first step is to identify the root cause of your pain and suffering.  An intuitive scan of your energy body aided by your Higher Self with a review of your Akashic Records will reveal the past, present, and future potential for holistically healing your life.   The journey to full recovery and pain-free life is within your grasp.

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This is Truly A Life-Changing Gift which I Highly Recommend for All!

I was Guided to do the Extended Session as I had a Complex long-term history of various symptoms including chronic fatigue, brain fog, a November 2019 diagnosis of acute Epstein-Barr virus, and an inability to move forward in my life. (No Energy to do so!)  I felt as though a heavy backpack had been lifted off of me!! The Zion Collective had cleared all past life cords, entities, and viruses that had been interfering with me in this lifetime. I Am Free of All That Held Me Back!!

All that the Zion Collective, Dyana, and Zion do is with absolute love, compassion, and purity! From our initial emails, my remote session, the 5-page report, the 1-hour recorded video conference and follow-up coaching with Dyana has been heart-centered and so very generous with their time! I have followed all their guidance and directions to a “T” in this co-creative process and I Am Beyond Happy and Grateful for the results. I have much more energy, clarity, and excitement for all that continues to unfold!

May We All Be Set Free From All That Limits our Divine Spark In Any Way!

With Much Love, Light and Gratitude, ❤️✨🙏🏻 Holly R. Vermont


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