Following are issues the Zion Collective has treated during our test trials on 100 clients volunteers.  Our protocols have been established based on the trial findings.

*The issues in bold will require Extended Medical Intuitive 5D Quantum Energy Healing assistance. If your health issues fall under the enboldened health issues, in bold with the asterisk(*), then you will need to order the Extended version of the consultation.

The other issues can be treated with the General Medical Intuitive 5D Quantum Energy Healing assistance.  If your issues falls under this category, you can order the General Medical Intuitive consultation and healing session for any of the issues not in bold.


This list will be continually updated as more diverse cases are treated and results are received. 


If you have a health condition not on this list, you are welcome to communicate with the team to receive a consultation at the General 5D Medical Intuitive Quantum Energy Healing price.  We are always working to expand our knowledge and abilities and welcome all clients. Please add your name to our contacts list to receive updates on our studies and findings at the CONTACT page. 


Please keep in mind that your healing is greatly affected by your expectations, your ability to maintain a positive mindset, and offer no negative judgments before or during your session to achieve the highest and best outcomes.  You will receive what you expect, so expect success! 


The test subjects who were able to control their emotions and thoughts most effectively to maintain a positive experience received the most successful results.  The dis-ease is not of issue as it is the effect of the cause.  The clients beliefs, intentions, thoughts, and emotions contributed greatly to the results received. A negative person typically fails to quality for successful healing. 


Quantum energy, Universal energy, and the Spark of Light from the Central Sun all react to your thoughts and emotions according to the Universal Law of One.  Positive expectations fall under your 25% of the work to be done for your own success.  The team performs 75% of the healing during the session, offering recommendations in the final report for your future success if you perform your 25%.

If you need further coaching on this topic, on spiritual Universal Laws to understand more fully how to control outcomes in your life, deprogramming of your past and other coaching help, consider a Spiritual Life Coaching Session with Dyana.  You will find this option on OUR SERVICES Page.




LIST OF CONDITIONS in alphabetical order

Addiction behaviors-Cigarette, Alcohol, etc.

AIDS* or HIV/AIDS. Human immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immune deficiency syndrome*




Autoimmune issues*

Bipolar Disorder



Cancer prevention following surgery

Cancer prior to surgery*

Cartilage replacement – full body

Circulatory issues


Digestive issues


Elevated cholesterol

Emotional issues

Energy blockages

Exoskeletal replacement – full body*

Extensive physical deterioration w/multiple issues*



Gallbladder stones*

General physical pain


Hearing loss

Heart Issues


Herniated disc in spine





Irritable bowel syndrome

Issues with weight loss

Kidney stones*

Learning disorders

Lichen sclerosis*


Lung issues

Multiple Sclerosis*

Musculoskeletal bone and joint pain (knees, etc)*

Neurologic disorder

Numbness in limbs

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Organ transplant with 5D organs*



Past life trauma

Poor memory


PTSD/CPTSD* (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/Chronic)

Quantum entanglements

Respiratory Issues



Self-sabotage, binge eating*


Stomach ulcers, bleeding

Stress disorder

Thyroid issues

Toxicity in body chemistry*

Urinary tract infections

Vascular issues*



Water Retention