Stepping into the fifth dimension

5D Medical Intuitive Healing is here

The Zion Collective Invites You to Receive a 5D Medical Intuitive Quantum Energy Healing

The cost is $20*

You have received this invitation because you were recommended by a respected healer in the 5D community. 

The Zion Collective offers study invitations for two reasons.

  •  To perfect our methods and
  •  To offer healing to many individuals who have been living in pain, with an incurable disease, or other issues that affect their quality of life. 




After reviewing your questionnaire:  The medical intuitive healers will:

~  Scan your 5D Energy Body seeking any abnormalities and compare this with your Divine Blueprint. 

~  Search of the Akashic Records ensues for the origin of the abnormalities found assisted by your Higher Self.

~  Spiritual guidance from your Higher Self is obtained to identify the original cause of your health issues.

~  Recommendations are offered for you to continue on the positive road to a full recovery.

~  Based on the type of healing that ensues, relief can be felt immediately, several days later, or if the discomfort has been long-term, results may take longer to manifest.






Some painful and distressing conditions may be caused by stress and depression. Some conditions go back many lifetimes.  Others have been related to a familial legacy dis-ease caused by actions of an ancestor for which the cords connected to that legacy can be severed ending the transference to future family members.  Our study findings are highly enlightening to humanity in many ways.  

~   We teach Universal Law, such as the Law of Cause and Effect.  The effects that manifest in the body always begin with a cause.  Once the cause is discovered, the effects can be healed and reversed; thereby, freeing humans from a life of suffering that in the past, was accepted as normal aging.  This is not the case.  Pain should never be accepted as a way of life.

~   Much of the information we discover has been hidden from mankind. When this knowledge is revealed, humanity awakens to many truths that were never permitted to be revealed in the past. This revelation often bridges the gap between the 3D human mind and the 5D mind, allowing a leap forward to 5D in some clients who are ready.

~  By keeping humanity ignorant of the truths of many conditions that have plagued the world, humanity has lived under many misguided and erroneous beliefs.  When such truths are revealed, many humans awaken more fully releasing erroneous thoughts that have held them in bondage in the past.

~  Revealing truths release the fear of the unknown and empower humans, awaken them to the truth of who they really are — powerful, incredible creators with abilities they never knew they possessed. This experience can be the trigger to launch you into 5D understandings that have been missing for many.



Zion and Dyana incarnated from the future and brought these healing techniques forth as part of the Ascension and to assist humanity and Gaia.  Their missions for coming forth at this time involve healing, revealing, and empowering the population. 

As Zion and Dyana have been awake all their lives, they incarnated for this time in the Ascension Process, and to ensure their success, they are assisted by multidimensional nonphysical beings who guide, teach, and assist their medical intuitive abilities awakening them further to their full potential.  



  • Please complete the questionnaire below.  Once you submit the questionnaire,
  • You will be taken to a Paypal payment page where you will submit a $20 payment.*
  •  Your healing session will be scheduled.
  • You will be notified via email when your session will take place.
  • During the healing session, we ask that you lie down and rest, sleep, or meditate, set, and maintain positive intentions for results that you desire.
  • Hydrate yourself well. Keep water close during the session. 
  • Following your healing session, you will receive a written report of the findings and recommendations within 24 hours.



The exchange is symbolic.  Money represents energy.  The money you earn is the result of your exertion of energy in exchange for payment for your services.  The Universal Law of Balance ~ also known as the Universal Law of Fair Exchange ~ symbolizes the importance of perfect balance.  To maintain perfect health, one must maintain balance in all aspects of one’s life.  The $20 is an exchange of energy for the healing that balances the energy we offer you.  Both offerings are expressions of love that create a perfect balance for the perfect outcome.