5D Medical Intuitive Quantum Energy Healing for Pets


The Zion Collective has carried out extraordinary work on pets presenting with a wide range of conditions and dis-ease. Animals are very receptive to healing energies and heal quickly. The team has successfully treated numerous medical problems and injuries in animals to include intestinal blockages, cancer, cataracts, arthritis, urinary infections, bladder and kidney issues, among others. Animals also suffer from emotional problems, including abandonment issues, bullying, shyness, training problems, etc. The team has found during intuitive medical readings on animals that they benefit from therapies similar to those used on humans. For more information, please refer to the medical intuitive healing pages. 


I asked the Zion Collective to see if there was an intestinal blockage in my pet dog when she would not eat and was in apparent pain. Nothing the veterinarian offered worked.  Zion did a medical intuitive scan on her energy body and within minutes he saw a bone lodged her esophagus.  Zion psychically viewed the bone and then broke it in half.  She responded with instant relief, was able to sleep without pain, and passed the remnants of the bone the next day.  He also performed energy healing on her, leaving a “rejuvenating spark of light” in her little body to help her heal. She slept peacefully for two days and has been fine ever since. Zion saved her life and saved me thousands of dollars in veterinarian bills.  D.S., Charleston, SC, USA


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