Zion performs 5D Quantum Energy Healing methods taught to him by the Zion Collective to align your entire body. This realignment includes all the bones in the body, spine, vertebras, discs, joints, and muscles. It is done energetically and is much easier on the body than forceful chiropractic adjustments and therefore holds much better. Zion performs the realignment remotely.

What Happens in a Session?

~ Zion views the musculoskeletal system through the energy body. He then makes adjustments energetically. Areas out of alignment include bones, vertebrae, discs, joints, muscles that are out of alignment that are causing pain or back problems.

~ When a vertebra is out of alignment, the root cause is commonly something out of place in a different part of the spine or body. For example, torticollis is a twisted neck caused by a muscle contraction pulling on the vertebra. The vertebra pinches the nerve running through the spine, causing significant pain. Extreme stress will cause muscle clenching that can develop into torticollis. A chiropractor can make a simple adjustment to release the condition. Zion can make the same adjustment the chiropractor uses to release the vertebra.

~ Any emotional issues or beliefs will cause the problem that can be identified and cleared energetically through the energy body that results in release to the physical body.

~ Sensitive individuals can feel bones shifting and pop back into place during the healing session or immediately following. Relief can occur at the time of the alignment or within a few hours. Depending upon the case, results may take several days or even up to a week for everything to move and adjust back into place.


“I am writing to thank you immensely for your Quantum Healing Therapy.  I feel different as does my husband.   I wanted to give you some feedback on what I felt… I believe it will help you in your practice.  Last night the pain went away, but I felt muscle twitching a bit… Emotionally, I feel calm and for some reason, cannot think negatively about the issues mentioned.  My husband feels good with his back and the pain is gone.  Wanted to share this with you and thank you again for the therapies.”     


“Thank you to the Collective for the wonderful healing. I felt the intensity of the heat during the transmission placing sun energy into my being especially. Positive results continue to unfold. There are many ways that source can show up and new modalities continue to amaze me. Many blessings.”


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