When you transform your beliefs  ~  you transform your life.




Are you distressed continuously at not having enough money,

and do you long to have abundance and financial security?


Are you bombarded with life struggles

or desire to eradicate blockages or other issues?


Are you eager to discover your twin flame, improve communications with others,

or long for loving relationships you deserve?


Then stand ready to free yourself through a personal journey within and release the layers of life that hold you back!


Dyana provides quantum healing therapies with rapid and straightforward results. Such treatments include clearing of inner blocks, issues, beliefs, fears, and traumas that are holding you back!

Her methods are not typical talk therapy! Dyana is clairsentient, clairaudient, clairvoyant, and an empath. Over 20 years, Dyana established from personal experience efficient and powerful tried-and-true methods. Are you ready to unblock and release the baggage holding you back in all aspects of your life?

Struggle no longer. Join Dyana for the inner healing of your past creations that are today affecting your life. You will find that when you transform your beliefs, you will then transform your life!

~ Please be well hydrated before your meeting and keep a glass of water with you.

~ Dyana will first inquire of you the area in your life with which you wish to focus such as related circumstances, including your feelings and beliefs surrounding your circumstances.

Come prepared with a brief overview of your description — as extensive detail of your life stories are not necessary for the methods employed.

What happens in a session?

~ Next, Dyana will perform a clearing energetically of the blocks, issues, erroneous beliefs, fears, phobias, traumas that are at the root cause of the problem. Your concerns can be conscious or subconscious and can be from your adult life, childhood, birth trauma, past lives, or ancestral beliefs.

~ The process does not require you to re-experience the original injury.

~ Dyana will repeat the clearing process multiple times over 24 hours to completely clear the energy.

~ Dyana will perform healing on the areas of concern.


If you live outside of the US, please load Whatsapp on your cell phone so we can communicate by phone. Zoom Video Conference is the easiest and most reliable method of communication and very interactive. I will send you a Zoom video guide to assist if this is your first time on Zoom. US Residents do not need to use Whatsapp, and I will call you on my cell phone. Please let me know your preference. Thank you!