Individual Medical Intuitive Healing Session

For Non-diagnosed Health Problems



Zion is a natural and highly accurate medical intuitive with a lifetime of experience performing medical intuitive readings and healings. He was born with medical-intuitive abilities that became apparent at a young age. As a teenager, he was able to perceive medical conditions in people and receive information from his guides. He surprised many people when he was able to see into a stranger’s body and see dis-ease manifestations, later confirmed as being 100% accurate afterward. He can see into the bodies and minds of others in the past, present, and the future, and detect diseases, conditions, and pathogens present. Testimonials prove his astonishing accuracy, and he has helped people all over the world to regain their health.

Zion can scan a person’s body similar to an MRI precisely. He can remotely view disease present, bodily conditions, and functioning of body systems and organs. He can see injuries or pathogens present and what is causing the symptoms and health challenges. He can trace illnesses and health conditions back to when it started and why. His ability to view the Akash of the human identifies the root causes on a physical level and also the root issues or blocks causing a health challenge. He can consult with the individual’s ancestors, Spirit Guides, and Higher Self intuitively, identify natural remedies or treatments needed to bring your body back to a state of vibrant health. These readings are incredibly detailed with information coming through from Spirit.

Zion has helped thousands of people with readings, people with undiagnosed health problems that want to know what is wrong and how to regain their health. Zion has successfully assisted individuals presenting with diagnosed health problems failing other therapies. More and more people today prefer to treat their condition holistically.

  The co-creative process involves the clients to follow intuitive recommendations for a total recovery from their health challenges.

​All consultations are performed over Zoom teleconference or telephone with the same accuracy as in person, and you will receive a record of the findings.

What happens in a Medical Intuitive Reading?

~ Detect what diseases, injuries, and pathogens are present, the condition and functioning of body systems and organs.

~ Scan for viruses, bacterias, fungus, Candida, yeast, mold, parasites, heavy metals, toxins, chemicals.

~ Look for nutritional deficiencies or imbalances.

~ Look for the root causes of a condition physically, emotionally, spiritually, any issues or blocks connected to or causing a health challenge. Trace the health challenge back to the origin, where it started and why, if needed.

~ Detect all weak areas in the body that need healing and what form that would be.

~ An intuitive health plan of what you need specifically, what natural remedies and treatments will bring your body back into harmony and vibrant health.

~ Answer any questions you have related to your health.

~ The session is recorded, and you will receive the record via email within a few days.


I am genuinely astounded every day by the changes in me since I received the healing from yourself, Zion and the collective…

When I received the healing I was suffering with some insomnia, high anxiety, heart palpitations and what I perceived to be Chronic Fatigue. That night I was in bed and almost immediately after a small amount of muscle twitching I drifted off to sleep, my dreaming was fairly lucid.  I felt as if there were many people holding my arms and stroking my hair, it was comforting and I knew I was receiving healing. When I woke up early morning I really felt like I had been visited in the night, I even thought I had a sticker on my chest which I tried to remove in my semi-waking state… I felt calm, well rested, my thought process had completely calmed.

I can only describe what my brain felt like before – I literally felt as though my brain was on fire, suffering from CPTSD I was constantly on high alert and in fight/flight most of my waking life, I found meditation difficult because of my racing thoughts… Now two weeks post healing I feel like a different person, my heart and brain have peace, I can now mediate better than before (two young children mean I don’t have much time) sometimes my children will sit with me, great practice for them too! My husband and I have removed all meat, dairy and any alcohol from our diets, eating clean and removing all toxicity from our lives (toxic foods and relationships)… the presence of mind and calmness that has descended over the whole family is unprecedented and feels like we have had healing in all aspects of our lives.

Thank you so much for sharing this healing, you have probably saved my life, shortened my ascension time, and saved my children so that they have the mother who can give fully to the very best of her ability….. I AM ETERNALLY GRATEFUL and I know my two little boys when they understand will be eternally grateful also.

I really feel that I now have the solid foundations to build the life of my dreams going forward, I believe this is all down to the healing I have received only two weeks ago. I have never felt this ‘unshakeable’ determination and I hope it stays with me forever.

Thank you so much, eternally grateful and sending love always –     R.F., Cheshire, United Kingdom

For a Medical Intuitive Healing Session, please complete the form below, providing a list of your health challenges, symptoms, and diagnosis. Add a brief health history, including major illnesses, and precisely what issues you wish to cover in your reading. Provide your preference of meeting via Zoom or phone, phone number, and email address.

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