Archangel Raziel – Keeper of Knowledge – Master of Past Lives

The Archangels are coming forward to speak to mankind and to assist with the Ascension Process.  In a recent channeling from Archangel Raziel, he spoke the following:

“The ascension is quite simply for each individual soul to achieve the full knowledge on all levels superconsciously, subconsciously, and consciously as known by man, the full potential, and knowledge thereof that they are truly and without blemish equal to the ONE in their abilities, but in order to achieve this they must have full knowledge of what and how manifestation works within the Universe. And this is my purpose – it is to, as the Keeper of Knowledge, bring forward this knowledge now to many in as simple terms as possible and through many examples even that I may speak with man and that they understand fully and can grasp and know that they are equal with all.”

As our bodies change through the Ascension process, Archangel Raziel describes what happens to our bodies. 

“Humans can see or perhaps more correctly, perceive the true intentions of others, for they will see that the physical layer exudes one intention and the other layers of the body, the other four then as the physical body is constructed, exudes another – and they will see this differentiation more readily. But this requires a further sacrifice of free will to some extent, and this is the use of the thinking mind – the conscious mind. For one cannot perceive these things if one works through thinking, but can only work through feeling. For I state here and now that feelings are the language of the soul. The soul has no other language, and yes, feeling must be regarded as a true messenger. 

For if the feeling is correct, then that is a soul choice, it is a soul message and is thus never incorrect.  For one cannot make a soul choice or have an incorrect message from the soul. One can perhaps have it incorrect on any other level. But not on a soul level. It is impossible to have it incorrect.”

Many individuals will know this as “goosebumps.” This is the body reacting to the feeling of what their soul is telling them. But it is so faint that they do not many a time remember its existence. And this is the third lesson of ascension, is to tune oneself to this sensation. And the only way to do that is to quiet the mind.”

One does not need to meditate in the mind only. One can meditate physically as well. Many go to the sea as they say to swim or surf. This is also a form of meditation but it is a meditation of movement and this is also very, very helpful. If one cannot sit still, there is nothing wrong with those who perhaps being stationary, they cannot achieve this. This is not incorrect. There are many other ways to achieve this and movement as I have described or whatever form it may take, be it going to the gym and getting into the, what is called, the swimming pool and doing a few laps as they say, that is also a form of meditation but it is meditation of movement, this is perhaps, especially those who are full of energy – physical energy. This is perhaps the best way to approach this, but there are many others. And each one must find that which assists them most. But this is a good starting point, and the way will always become clear.”

Robert Henri Van Anraad channels Archangel Raziel: Keeper of knowledge and Master of past lives and Archangel Azrael: Herald of God, the High Messenger who accompanies souls that have left the physical body. You can watch the video here:


In this group healing session, Zion and Dyana will lead everyone through a guided meditation healing process where the Zion Collective is called in to assist in the healing of everyone in the group.  The Archangels have revealed to Zion and Dyana that when we bring two or more humans together in a group, the power of the group is enhanced by the numbers and intentions of each human present as they are joined in ONENESS. 


Following is the process of the Group Healing:


~ The Zoom Video Conference Session begins at an appointment time.


~ Participants are to prepare ahead of time a list of intentions for healing (what is the dis-ease, discomfort, pain, or perhaps a cleansing and clearing is desired).  Participants are asked to write down intentions desired to be the focus of the healing of the four bodies:  physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. 


Intentions are powerful!  Specify in as much detail as you desire.  This information is confidential and will only be seen by you. 


Upon writing your intentions, they are set in preparation for the session. Enter the meditation with intentions to heal everything on your list.


~ Zion and Dyana will mute the audio upon arrival so that the call of Light Language can bring in the Collective, Archangels, and Cosmic Beings to assist with the healing.


~ The group is led through a guided-meditation process using the energy of everyone in the session to magnify the healing energy, intensifying the powerful healing for all.  The more people in attendance, the more powerful the healing energy to all.


~ Upon completion of the process, the audio will be open for Questions and Answers from Zion, Dyana, and the Collective who are present to answer your questions.


Length of Time Required:  30 Minute for the Healing Session and 30 minutes for the Q&A.


To join our meditation process, complete the form below after which you will be guided to the Payment Button to Register your session.  You will be contacted via email to confirm your time and date of the Group Healing and provided a Zoom Link to attend at the appointed time.