~ Boost your Energy and Healing Power with the Rejuvenating Spark of Light ~



What is the Rejuvenating Spark of Light?

It’s common knowledge that Lightworkers have been exhausted for quite some time. Many fantasize about the chores and work and studies they would do if they could have even one particular day of extra energy and endurance.

Do you have a challenging and vital day coming up where a boost of energy would be helpful?

Could you use an energy cleansing and positive outlook to get you through another big day?

Have you been powering up on energy drinks or power bars that lose their boost after a couple of hours? After all, the energy boosters can get you only so far.

Perhaps a longer-sustained boost is required to start a new initiative.

By special request, the Zion Collective is now offering the Rejuvenating Spark of Light. Perhaps you’ve already received the full consultation and healing session, and find that with your heavy schedule you find yourself running from chore-to-chore. If you need a boost of extra energy for a few days to a week, the Rejuvenating Spark of Light is what you need.

The spark consists of healing, energy-boosting light from the Great Central Sun. When placed inside your body, the spark travels rapidly throughout your entire body, healing every imperfection it contacts. The healing energy sparks when coming in contact with an injury, dis-ease, or abnormality brought on by stress, negative thoughts, overwork, exhaustion, or trauma.

A sensitive person may feel this spark followed by a muscle twitch or sudden involuntary movement ~ this is the “tell” that the Rejuvenating Spark of Light has sparked healing within you. Once the light is “sparked,” it goes into action. The result is a boost to your energy of pure positive charge that may be just what you need to tackle a stressful day or week ahead.

This Spark of Light will help dissolve the impact of the memory upon your body temporarily. The spark placed inside of you offers inner and outer ongoing help as a quantum energy barrier to shield you.

Gaia energy suspends that which is emphasized by you. Your positive thoughts go into this energy, strengthening, and rejuvenating your energy field. Nothing is allowed to interfere with your healing until you can take over yourself.

Negative vibration will do the opposite. The energy will not grow, although it will continue to cleanse and remove all abnormalities.

The spark will offer you a window of time to seek other remedies to heal everything it contacts and other issues entirely.

The Rejuvenating Spark of Light is an energy booster, but also an extra healing boost as well. The Rejuvenating Spark of Light races through your body continually seeking abnormalities. You will feel it working instantly. You feel a boost of euphoria and bliss, transforming your attitude into a more positive and loving mindset. You feel revived, energized, and “lighter.” No matter what lies ahead of you for the day, you can tackle it with an extra kick of vim and vigor and a positive attitude. Your thoughts and beliefs power this incredible light as you maintain your positive and high frequency.

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