Upon arriving atop a mountain in Arizona, I was excited about my first meeting with a group of spiritual healers I had come to know through months of online correspondence. This meeting was my first opportunity to put faces with names.

I wasn’t prepared for the thinner air or the high energetic frequency on this mountaintop several miles high. Initially, I found myself having difficulty functioning as the high frequency appeared to affect my neurological system. Also, as an empath, a roomful of people could be overwhelming energetically. I decided to slip away into the bedroom where I was bunking with 6 other women. I crawled into my bunk to meditate and relax. After a few minutes, I felt inner guidance pulling me to my feet suddenly.

I walked out of the room into the larger meeting area where breakfast was being prepared for the group. My inner guidance had always been reliable, and I intuitively knew where I was being called to go, but atop this mountain, my intuitive knowing was much more apparent than usual!

I found myself standing in the middle of the large meeting room. Suddenly my body physically turned 90 degrees, and I was facing an open doorway that led into one of the bedrooms. Sitting in a folding chair was a woman wearing a nasal oxygen tube. Clearly, this is where I was supposed to be.

I walked to the open doorway as Miss Louise looked up to see me standing there. Her face was ashen-colored, her eyes were red-rimmed, and she was slumped over weakly in her chair, struggling to breathe.

“Miss Louise, are you okay?” I asked.

She nodded yes. She appeared too weak to speak.

“Would you like for me to do some energy healing on you?”

Miss Louise again nodded yes.

I went into her room, closed the door for privacy, and instinctively my right hand was placed on her upper back, to her neck between her shoulders.

She appeared so tiny and frail, I thought to myself. A feeling of great love and compassion for her rose within me. I wanted to bring her comfort, so I began preparing to perform reiki energy healing.

I knew Miss Louise as an exceptionally gifted crystal healer. She had been struggling with breathing problems and somehow made the trip to Arizona. I was happy to offer her assistance.

I sealed the room with reiki symbols placing symbols in my palms, and over her body while going within and calling for the Reiki Masters’ assistance. As I began sending healing energy to her tiny body with one hand placed behind her head and the other in front of her face, the room started heating up, and perspiration ran down my forehead and body. When reiki energy flows, my body heats up quickly.

Suddenly, I felt a pressure-like feeling in my solar plexus that moved up into my heart. This was new, I thought to myself. I felt unmistakable movement up into my throat chakra, and as I opened my mouth, I began singing.

The song was coming from me, but I had no forethought of the words that flowed so smoothly, with fantastic energy and emotion. A beautiful song flowed from me as if I had performed the song many times. I would always ask for healing assistance, but this time, I was singing and calling for the “Reiki Masters, Archangels, for all the beloved ones to come forth and assist with healing of the precious one before me.”

As the words flowed forth, they came from my heart, the energy was very high frequency and lovely, and my emotions were overflowing. I felt tears in my eyes as joy and happiness flowed forth continuing for two or three minutes. Then just as softly and gently, the song stopped.

Miss Louise sat very still as I called forth healing for her. The delivery of the song was beautiful and magical for me. It felt right.

Everything that followed occurred intuitively over the next 20 minutes, as I was guided to continue the healing, all the while radiating heat and warming the room.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. A man and woman entered saying, “We were told you called for help.” I was surprised by this but felt it was quite reasonable, and invited them to come in.

The man walked over to me and placed his hand on my shoulder and quickly jerked his hand away, saying, “You are hot! You’re on fire!” I smiled as if it were any typical day and said, “Yes. I’ve been working here for 20 minutes.” The room felt to be 100+ degrees.

Still following inner intuitive guidance, I invited them in to assist with the healing.

The man took charge saying, “I have created a crystalline orb over Miss Louise’s head, and each of us has unique healing abilities, so if we beam our energy into the crystal orb, the energy will be directed appropriately where it is needed.”

This sounded perfectly logical to me. The three of us held our palms up to the imaginary crystalline orb visualizing it was there, and silently set intentions for our energy to go into the ball. We purposely poured forth our love and healing energy into the crystalline ball for another 20 minutes, and for the first time, Miss Louise spoke.

She asked, “Can I tell you what I see?”

In unison, we all said, “Yes.”

“They are scrubbing my cells.” She said, as she opened her left palm and with her right hand, she drew circles in her palm, demonstrating how her cells were being scrubbed.

As she spoke, she looked up at me, and her face was so lovely, it took my breath away.

I said to her, “Miss Louise, you should see your face! Your skin is glowing with health and light, your eyes are shining so blue. You are beautiful! Look at her lovely face!” I told the others. They had not seen her as I had earlier when I first walked into the room. The stark contrast was astonishing!

She smiled sweetly and said, “I loved the singing!”

I smiled back with gratitude without revealing that I had never sung that way before and was as surprised as she was.

Next, the man spoke. He described what he could see and who was with us. He said, “Archangel Michael is with us, and he named other names, describing the room as being filled with many nonphysical species from all over the Universe, all times and dimensions, all sending loving and healing energy to Miss Louise. Closer to the ceiling, above the crowded room appeared Goddess Isis who is directing the energy from the crystalline ball to where it is needed.”

The man explained further, “Miss Louise, you had an entity attached to your upper back at the base of your skull over the cervical spine. It has now been completely removed by the nonphysical beings who assisted.”

As we were all healers, we understood what had transpired and that Miss Louise was now free of the attachment. Everyone was obviously pleased that the healing was successful.

Miss Louise was totally transformed, and her entire demeanor had changed. She was more energized and smiling, apparently pain-free.

We opened the doors to allow the room to cool off as Miss Louis stood up. She pulled the oxygen tube over her head and laid it aside. She then picked up her robe, stretching her arms through the armholes as she walked over to the doorway, smiling like nothing had happened and said, “Well, it’s time for breakfast. Let’s go eat!” Then she disappeared out of sight toward the kitchen.

I watched her in awe thinking, “Did this really just happen?”

The man and his wife had introduced themselves when they first came in, but as we walked out together, the three of us bonded in a way that went beyond description as we had just experienced a miracle. Over the following days on the magical mountaintop, my new friend was instrumental in my adjustment to the high frequency energies.

We became good friends over the following year.  I never forgot the man’s name again.  It is Zion.

Later, I discovered that the collective of nonphysical beings who were instrumental in both bringing Zion and I together on the mountaintop, as well as to assist in our joint healing of Miss Louise are called the Zion Collective.

I also learned that the spontaneous singing that manifested during this miraculous healing is a form of Light Language called the “Pleiadian Song of Love and Compassion.”  It has manifested many times since its initiation when performing healing.