Ed is a client I would consider to be spiritually awake, yet tentatively so. He stoically listens to spiritual teachings but never participates in the conversation, making him hard to read as to how much he believes. As a result, I approach him carefully and speak to him in a way that he can understand and accept.

He stands at 6-foot, 3-inches tall and is a powerful man both in stature and in the energy he emits. Ed can light up a room with a smile and quite the opposite if his mood turns dour. Being a soft-spoken man of few words, he communicates better with machinery than with people.  Ed is skillful with machinery, electronics, electricity, and automobile repair.  There is virtually very little he cannot fix.  He loves to be working on multiple projects at the same time, and staying busy makes him happy.

Ed began developing problems with his feet.  A doctor has never been able to identify the cause.  At first, the doctors tested for gout, but the uric acid levels were always normal.  Ed changed his diet to a gout diet to alleviate the painful flares. The diet change seemed to work for a while, but eventually, another episode would flare again.  Over time, as the assumed “gout” flares continued, the pain began traveling up to his ankles, and finally into his knees.

Initially, I performed Reiki energy healing to help Ed with his condition, but it was only a temporary fix.  Ed began spending more time in a recliner, eating and sleeping in his big chair as mobility became more painful over time.  His world of pain began closing in on him.  Pain so harsh and searing that over time, Ed could not bend his knees. He kept his crutches close by to get to the restroom and then back to his chair.  These activities became all he could manage.

I often tell my clients to listen to their bodies because it talks to them.  One must learn to understand the language the body speaks. I considered that his body might be telling him that he has something to heal within himself.  Someone living in constant pain can follow the clues and trace the pain back to an emotion, such as guilt or fear, being unable to move forward in life. The knees, ankles, and feet symbolize the forward movement. As one takes a step forward, the knees lead off the first step, then the next. But a person can be frozen in time so to speak by fear and guilt.  The body communicates this immobilization in the form of pain because pain always gets our attention.

As an experiment, I taught Ed to perform releasing statements and to practice affirmations. I asked that he begin a releasing and forgiveness ritual, and intuited that whatever the guilt from which he suffers might be, it may be from a past incarnation. 

Ed somewhat reluctantly agrees to practice releasing techniques.  The new-age treatments are not natural to a realist.  When one’s quality of life comprises a four square foot area, one only has hope. Then, as usual, when in such horrible pain, one is forced to seek a higher power for relief and will try anything to stop the pain. 

In our next meeting, I found Ed was very solemn. I attempted to cheer him up with no success.  This man’s pain and suffering were palpable. I gently asked him, “What is it? What are you feeling?”

He said, “I cannot stand this life anymore. I cannot go on like this. I’m so sick and tired of the pain and being immobile and helpless.”

As I considered his intense pain, I could not fathom the concept of living like this for months on end. I held profound compassion for this man and felt his pain deeply as I continued searching for a remedy. 

The next step included research into the Akashic Records, where the answer lay.  The investigation revealed that Ed had been a soldier in the civil war.  Both of his legs had been amputated above the knees for which Ed suffered the same terrible pain he currently experiences. The pain was unbearable for him. He felt helpless and immobilized day-after-day, depending on others to take care of him. Ed suffered great sorrow and despair. In Ed’s anguish and using his service revolver, he ended his own life.

Ed has carried this guilt of taking his own life through lifetimes.  The cellular memory had carried over into his current experience.  The message his body had been communicating is that it is now time to release this deeply embedded trauma and guilt.  

The Zion Collective was called forward to assist in a fifth-dimensional quantum energy healing to assist Ed with releasing the past.  Zion performed the usual cleansing and clearing of Ed’s energy body and auric fields.  The Spark of Light from the Central Sun was placed strategically in Ed’s body to alleviate the pain and to begin a healing process cellularly.  Universal Law of Cause and Effect dictates that when the cause is uncovered the effect is healed by removing the cause.  The quantum energy healing on his energy body was 75% of the cure.  The last 25% was up to Ed.

I coached Ed that if he would release this vast past life experience and forgive himself, he could completely heal. I advised Ed that he must remember to have patience because as he releases, his pain will release. Ed must trust in the process and allow his body the time to heal itself now.  It takes time for the mind to open more thoroughly due to the deep programming humanity has endured.  With Ed, I knew that if I worked with him intensely, he could eventually release everything.

I continued to work with Ed on releasing affirmations, surrendering all to the Light. For the first time, he eagerly complied, grasping at an opportunity to find freedom from his pain and live a healthy life again.

The next day after our discovery, Ed revealed that he could bend his knees ever so slightly. I checked on him daily for any improvement.  After the first week, the swelling had begun receding.

I saw his mood lighten with each passing day as a victory.  Before the Akashic search revealed his past, he appeared to be surrendering to the pain and giving up.  But this new energy was that of surrendering to the Light day-by-day slowly releasing a little more, and a little more.  Such deeply buried pain for such a long time must surface gradually.  With each small success, Ed committed more to releasing day-by-day, just as I have seen happen before for others.

It was beautiful seeing hope on his face and the lightening of energies around him. He will indeed be okay because he believes he will.

This experience occurred four months ago.  Today Ed is out in his garage again, building, repairing, and still regaining his normal strength after months of a sedentary lifestyle of pain living in a recliner.  He has had only minor reactions which he quickly released, and has regained his freedom again. 

I am very happy to see that Ed never gave up, and has regained his peaceful life doing what he enjoys most, completely pain-free, with a bright future ahead of him.