Information we require from you to conduct the Consultation for a 5D Medical Intuitive Healing


I.  A complete list of your health issues. We find that typically all health issues are the result of one cause. The more information we have, the more complete our assessment. We want your history in your own words. How long your symptoms have been present. What were possible mitigating factors surrounding the onset of your health issues. Anything you feel is related.


2.  Family history. This may be pertinent and any information you feel is helpful. For example, does the dis-ease skip a generation, or has it only manifested in you. Are there family stories or cultural issues related to the dis-ease?


3.  What exactly do you want from this healing session? Your request provides the team with permission to access the historical information in the Akashic Records and to look deeply into your past to see if there are past life experiences connected to dis-ease in your body. Tell us in your own words what you want healed and why.


4.  Are you male or female, or have other gender identities?


5.  What is your age?


6.  Where do you reside? City/State/Province/Country/Region (whatever applies). What is your cultural background?


7.  What is your profession?


8.  What is your full name?


9.  What is your email address?


10. What is your telephone number where you can be reached?