The Significance of the Term “Fracture of Clarity”


Dyana first became aware of spiritual communication when she began exploring meditation in the early 1990s.  An image would flash in her mind, followed by a word and then an intuitive understanding or meaning.  A silent communication was developed.  

The images later began appearing in dreams.  In a dream, Dyana is surrounded by babies.  She asked, “What do babies symbolize?”  The response returned to show that babies symbolize “rebirth.”  Following would be an intuitive understanding of the word “rebirth.”  Dyana learned that symbolism is not meant to be taken literally ~ but is intended to offer a deeper understanding of a process.  The process of understanding a higher consciousness or a journey so to speak, of how through ascension the human mind undergoes a shift in consciousness to higher levels of both conscious and subconscious understandings.

Over the years, communications continued between Dyana and her spirit guides developing into a connection of immense energy Dyana referred to as “Source Energy.”

Over 30 years the communication deepened. Dyana had established a form of light language using symbolism that expanded into automatic writing.

Meditation raised Dyana’s frequency, expanded her Light body and her mind to develop a more direct communication with Source Energy, who taught her greater understandings of life. 

“Fracture of clarity” is a term offered by Source Energy in 1998.  The visual symbol of a fistful of uncooked spaghetti strands meant Wholeness and Oneness as pictured.  Oneness represents the human condition at birth — newness, perfection, wholeness, Oneness, purity, and connection with Source Energy. Each strand is unique, yet within each strand is a part of the whole. When united, there is Divine love, power, and strength in the group with a connection to each strand/human in its natural state. 

As we grow from babies to adolescents to young adults and middle-aged, we change.  Life is not always easy or good and we suffer failures, disappointments, heartbreaks, pain, and sorrow, then sickness and poor health. 

As a result, our outer appearance changes.  We grow older and life wears upon our human vessels showing the layers of life laid upon our 3D human vessel. Each painful experience causes a fracture in our clarity of the mind or memory of oneness with which we were born.

A second image appears.  This is of the same batch of spaghetti strands — only this time, they look different.  First, an outside strand of spaghetti begins to lean away from the whole, separating into individual strands, disconnected from the others, no longer in Oneness showing the wear and tear and discoloration of thoughts and feelings unlike the Divine blueprint.  Strand-after-strand slants outward, wilting, going limp, representing a fracturing of the wholeness – division and separation, encompassing the fall from grace. 

Separately each strand remains connected energetically yet unconsciously. Each separated strand symbolizes an experience in human life that is hurtful, harmful, painful, thus creating separation from the perfection of that which is our natural state at birth.

With each negative experience, the mind experiences a fracture of clarity, of who we are. We love less.  We lose our peace of mind.  Our lives are filled with disharmony. 

Our forgetfulness is shown as each strand wilts.  Our Oneness and Unity moves further into the recesses of our minds.  Humans become divided, turn on one another, we make judgments on one another causing further separation. 

The result is a fall from grace, in the form of negative low-frequency emotions of fear, hate, anger, and distrust. Over time, we forget all innate natural inclinations toward peace, harmony, and love which is our natural state. Thus, the original clarity of the mind is fractured.

The symbolism of each separated strand of spaghetti represents the “fracture of clarity” that alters our original Divine blueprint.  The human condition falls from higher consciousness to the density and darkness of the 3rd dimension.

The term “Fracture of Clarity” stayed with Dyana over the years.  She felt it was significant when first revealed to her. She had never heard this term before and has never heard it since.  She would often ask people, “Have you ever heard of fracture of clarity?”  No one she asked had ever heard the term. So she adopted the term and kept it for herself, until now.

There is more to this story.  A third image was shown.  In this image, the separated strands begin restoring and healing themselves. Each strand begins to regain strength rejoining the fistful of new spaghetti strands returning to wholeness again. Reuniting in Oneness once again.

The rejoined strands symbolize a prophecy of the future, showing humans somehow healing, becoming reunited in Oneness with the Universe, Oneness with the soul, and Oneness with each other. All will return to full clarity. 

Source shared with Dyana that this is her mission, her purpose.  Dyana would first learn to heal herself to become whole again, after which she would teach from her experiences.  She was shown in a dream and then told, “The knowledge spreads through you, then you shall spread the knowledge.”

The theme of “fracture of clarity” is repeated over the years to Dyana.  Through dreams, visions, meditations, and visitations in human form, each became the motivation in Dyana’s life to understand how and when this miracle would unfold. She believed in it.  She waited and worked for years for this message to become a reality as she was never told how it would unfold — only that it would.

Through the passing years from 1998 to 2019, Dyana’s mission has unfolded.  The story has come full circle.

Humanity has been gifted with many energy healing modalities as the first step in the return to Oneness. 

In the 1990’s, Dyana studied Reiki energy healing in three modalities. She was told she would be in service-to-others.  She is a natural healer.  This was her first step into fulfilling the prophecy she was shown. 

The next phase would unfold in a co-creative process of first healing her body and mind through her own inner work.  Dyana began recovering lost memories buried under millennia of densities by learning to release all past pain and suffering.  Dyana studied to become a life coach.  As she experienced her own transformation, she began teaching others how to find their way back to clarity.

Dyana has learned that Starseeds and Lightworkers began incarnating over 200 years ago to bring forth this knowledge.  She knew she was not the only one and has met many others over the years through Divine synchronicity.  

Dyana observed many wounded healers following the transformative process of healing individually first, and then reuniting humanity in Service-to-Others. She saw how healers began incorporating Universal Law as a way of life.

The body, mind, and soul of humans everywhere are now recovering from third-dimensional experiences on Earth. The personal soul expansion in this experience is why human Starseeds and Lightworkers volunteered to undergo this journey through third density Earth.

The masters have made similar journeys before, and continue to return to 3D planets.  They are the Rainbow Warriors, the wayshowers, the system busters, who come forth to heal the masses. 

Most of them, for the first time on a 3D planet, suffered along with the rest of humanity seeking to fulfill their missions, to plant their Light upon Gaia and turn back the darkness.The personal Alchemy of human rebirthing is exquisite and restorative resulting in self-awareness, yet the physical third-dimensional journey nearing total destruction can be turbulent. Reuniting and restoring clarity of mind and mission is the outcome reaching critical mass as 5D Gaia is born and enters the Seventh Golden Age.

Now is the time for humanity to reunite in Oneness and Dyana is blessed and grateful to see this happening.  Everything is indeed in perfect Divine order, whether all humans are aware or not.  Now is the time to awaken and take back your power.  Dyana invites you to join her, Zion, and the Zion Collective to usher in the next Golden Age.