Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It ~

Because It Does


Zion offers guidance or direction in your life through an intuitive reading.


Do you seek relationship guidance related to your love life?

Do you seek career direction?

Do you seek guidance on money?

Do you see guidance for your future?

Perhaps you seek assistance with life challenges you face or have questions regarding your life in general?

Are you seeking direct guidance from your own spirit guides, Higher Self, or Angels?


Zion is a medium, clairvoyant, clairaudient, and empath with natural abilities to see, hear, and communicate with spirit guides and Angels his entire life. His life has been blessed with these incredible abilities that he offers to assist others in their personal development and Ascension.

Zion has been performing Intuitive Readings for many years. He shares the wisdom and Divine guidance of other people’s own guides and Angels with them to help them in their lives also.

Zion will connect to the Zion Collective in a typical Intuitive Reading. He will then connect with your spirit guides and Angels to bring you their Divine wisdom and guidance for your life and answers to your questions.

The people that have followed the Divine guidance given in these readings have had beautiful things happen in their lives! This life-changing reading should not be missed!

What happens in an Intuitive Reading?

~ Zion asks that you prepare a list of questions of what you wish to have addressed during your reading. At the time of the session, he requests that you sit quietly in a room by yourself where you won’t be disturbed.

~ Zion will contact your spirit guides and Angels to bring you their Divine wisdom and guidance and answers to your questions.

~ You may ask about current life challenges you face, your life direction, career, money, relationships, soul mate, past lives, issues, life’s path or lessons, or if you just want to know what lays ahead for you in the future.

~ Many people want to know more about their guides and Angels, have a general life reading, or let whatever guidance the guides and Angels have for them come through.

~ The session will be recorded and emailed to you a few days after the reading.

Zion is a Sirius Starseed incarnating as a powerful medium working with The Zion Collective to present specific energy healing techniques from the future.


TESTIMONIAL:  “I must say the analysis is correct about the trauma as, when I was nine years old, my father took me too see my late grandfather and in part of his support he showed me that all grandad was, was an empty vessel and took my hand and forced me to grab his hand.

As a psychic and more at that time, I naturally screamed but every relative in my DNA lineage heard that scream no matter where they were in the UK.  All contacted my mother asking after me stating they weirdly heard me scream.

Although I thought it was just a memory, clearly as this was an end of my abilities as well.  I left a piece of me behind at that trauma.

Thank you for the opportunity to heal this.     D.H., London – England





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