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Both Zion and Dyana possessed strong intuitive abilities early in life. Their talents drew them into healing and healthcare professions. Experience has included Quantum Energy Healing in numerous leading-edge modalities for over 20 years. Both are Certified Reiki Masters and Practitioners in multiple Reiki modalities, are Teachers, as well as a trained Spiritual Life Coach.  

Zion developed unique quantum healing methods taught to him by his Healing Guides and Angels known as the Zion Collective. Under the guidance of the Zion Collective, the team’s work includes Past Life and Chakra Healing with the assistance of ancestors and Higher Self who come forth during the healing session to assist.  

As a natural Medium, Zion communicates with the Ascended Masters and other Celestial beings who provide ongoing assistance to include 5D surgical procedures such as entity removal and organ transplants.   

From an early age, Zion practiced a unique combination of highly accurate medical intuition and quantum healing modalities with clients worldwide and that he has successfully taught to Dyana. 

​During the healing session, the team researches the Akashic Records for historical information to explain the cause of whatever health challenge is present. The team will clear any viruses, bacterias, pathogens, heavy metals, chemicals, toxins, etc. that are present. 

The team first performs a focused, in-depth medical intuitive reading. Historical information is provided in the Akash and from ancestors and guides of the client. The purpose is to seek the root causes of the health problems experienced. 

Humans have four bodies. The physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies are all interconnected. Emotional distress begins in the mental and emotional bodies first, which results in physical dis-ease in the physical body. The four bodies must remain in balance at all times to obtain perfect health.

When humans suffer an emotional, mental, or spiritual imbalance or blockage, the negative energy travels through all the bodies. These issues may be conscious or subconscious based on beliefs, intentions, thoughts, and emotions that create every human experience in 3D.  If negative thinking, feeling, understanding, or blockage is not determined and rooted out quickly, health issues will develop caused by energy stuck in the physical body blocking the life flow through the body. This process is how dis-ease develops. 

The Zion Collective traces the physical dis-ease back to the origin or root cause that is then cleared. Based on the Universal Law of Cause and Effect once the root cause in the energetic body is removed, then the body is healed on the physical level.  

In our coaching sessions, Dyana teaches how the body communicates symbolically and guides you in understanding the language of your body.  Once you understand this language, you will understand how to prevent dis-ease in the future.


What happens in a healing session?


​During the initial session, the team performs historical research of the Akashic Records based on the client’s

  • Health history
  • Presenting complaints
  • Health challenges
  • Intentions of the client. 

Following this assessment, the entire Zion Collective Team will confer with the Higher Self and Spirit Guides on the best course of action to resolve all issues.  


 Healing methods may include: 


  • Healing therapies employed to diseases, conditions, damage, or injuries present.
  • Healing is performed to all cells, tissues, nerves, fascia, muscles, bones, broken bones, replacement of musculoskeletal deterioration, repairing, rebuilding and healing all areas and body systems of the body required. 
  • Clearing of all bacterias, viruses, parasites, yeast and fungus, Candida, mycoplasmas, pathogens of any kind, infections, clearing any toxins, heavy metals, chemicals, clearing any pathogen based diseases (for ex. Lyme disease or co-infections, etc.), emptying gall bladder stones and sludge, bladder and kidney stones, harmful calcium deposits, blood clots, arterial plaque, cholesterol or arterial blockages, etc.
  • All intuitive health information seen during the session is presented to the client following treatment in a written report to support your care by your regular healthcare physician. Please be clear that our focus is on healing and is not meant to take the place of more complete and focused medical care.  
  • Our work involves clearing the root causes of illness and other issues (conscious or subconscious beliefs), blocks, and life changes that appear while working with an illness or health challenge. 
  • Stabilizing energies in your body, clearing any negative energies, clearing, rebuilding, and repairing the aura is our focus as well.
  • Any nutritional imbalances or needs revealed while working in the body. 
  • Repair, regenerate and heal all telomerase and chromosomes to be youthful, repair any defective DNA.





When you click on the BUY NOW button, you will be directed to the next screen listing all the categories of illness, injury, or disease that is treated for that healing service.  Once you ensure your health issue is listed on the page and a thorough description of every service with full details.  Once you make your choice of the service best suited to your needs, follow the link provided to start your order. 




If you have a health condition not on this list, you are welcome to communicate with the team to receive a consultation at the 5D General Medical Intuitive Quantum Energy Healing $75 price.  We are always working to expand our knowledge and abilities and welcome all clients.

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When you transform your beliefs, you transform your life.





Are you distressed continuously at not having enough money, and do you long to have abundance and financial security?

Are you bombarded with life struggles or desire to eradicate blockages or other issues?

Are you eager to discover your twin flame, improve communications with others, or long for loving relationships you deserve?

Then stand ready to free yourself through a personal journey within and release the layers of life that hold you back!

Dyana provides quantum healing therapies with rapid and straightforward results. Such treatments include clearing of inner blocks, issues, beliefs, fears, and traumas that are holding you back!

Her methods are not typical talk therapy! Dyana is clairsentient, clairaudient, clairvoyant, and an empath. Over 20 years, Dyana established from personal experience efficient and powerful tried-and-true methods. Are you ready to unblock and release the baggage holding you back in all aspects of your life?

Struggle no longer. Join Dyana for the inner healing of your past creations that are today affecting your life. You will find that when you transform your beliefs, you will then transform your life!

What happens in a session?

~ Please be well hydrated before your meeting and keep a glass of water with you.


~ Dyana will first inquire of you the area in your life with which you wish to focus including related circumstances, including your feelings and beliefs surrounding you. Come prepared with a brief overview of your description — as extensive detail of your life stories are not necessary for the methods employed.

~ Next, Dyana will perform a clearing energetically of the blocks, issues, erroneous beliefs, fears, phobias, traumas that are at the root cause of the problem. Your concerns can be conscious or subconscious and can be from your adult life, childhood, birth trauma, past lives, or ancestral beliefs.

~ The process does not require you to re-experience the original injury.

~ Dyana will repeat the clearing process multiple times over 24 hours to completely clear the energy.

~ Dyana will perform healing on the areas of concern.













Greetings and blessings, Dear Ones,

Updates to this website will continue as we progress in our studies and research into new and more powerful healing methods and findings.

We will gladly answer your questions and inquiries and invite you to review our testimonials from clients who have already undergone this process.

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The team has been approached by the Ascended Masters to expand the healing modality to groups in order to assist individuals in greater numbers. We have opened up the service in this sense through the Group Meditation Healing Session.

Thank you for your interest, as we are here in Service-To-Others and to assist with the Ascension of all Humanity to the Fifth Dimension.

Sending you great love and gratitude,

Dyana, Zion, and the Zion Collective