The 5D Quantum Energy Healing offers unprecedented potential in future healthcare as we know it.  


  • As organ transplants are now being performed in the 5th dimension, The Zion Collective foresee only a matter of time before lost limbs to amputees may be replaced.


  • Once the 3D human vessel ascends to 5D, everything replaced in the 5D quantum energy healing matches the 5D frequency smoothing the path to Ascension. 


  • Healing treatments the team will be performing in times to come will be far beyond the current capabilities of 3D level healing. 


  • Joint replacement is another procedure currently being performed. Many clients suffer from weak joints, inflammation from arthritis, osteoporosis, or require joint or cartilage replacement. At times, joint replacement is not enough and the team seeks other ways to find relief and discover new ways to direct the 5D energy healing. Cartilage replacement is one such treatment. Intuitive healers can already replace all cartilage in the human body and when the transplant or rebuilding of cartilage is performed in the 5D energy body, healing occurs in the physical body in days or weeks depending on the case. This healing completely transforms the human body after etheric surgery.


  • Rapid results are seen in a transplant of the eyes. Several clients have presented with partial or complete blindness in one or both eyes from a trauma, cataracts, or other issues. Success has been found in many cases where blindness is due to injury or dis-ease.  In the future, humans born with blindness may benefit from fifth dimension eye transplants.


  • Medical Intuitive Healers view calcification built up behind the diseased eye, and are experimenting with removing the calcification in the 5D energy body. The client’s cloudy vision slowly begins to clear in 3D. In worst cases, a complete transplant is performed.


  • Trials on animals have ensued.  In a dog who presented with advanced cataracts, both eyes were replaced with 5D eyes. Within three days the owner noticed the golden brown irises were growing larger and the pupil covered in milky cloudiness began receding. The dog’s entire behavior changed as a result.  Now ten weeks later, the milky pupils have receded to less than half the size when the transplant took place.


As more experiments take place and new healing modalities are offered with new opportunities to expand this healing modality, the team will continue to update the findings for the public to see the progress being made.


The Zion Collective