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February 26, 2020

Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time.




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We want you to participate and will feature several different functions on our show to include:

  • Introducing a guest to be interviewed
  • Answer your email questions and read them on the show or
  • perform a group process healing session
  • or individual process with callers


On Upcoming Radio Shows, Zion and Dyana will answer phone calls from the audience

  • Questions and Answers
  • Coaching Session
  • Healing Sessions during the show
  • Teach self-healing methods
  • Connecting to your ancestors 
  • Specific questions of your Higher Self

and more to be announced prior to each show.




Zion and Dyana will feature and discuss a new topic each show to be announced in advance as listed below.


February 26, 2020, Wednesday, 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time        

TOPIC:  Zion and Dyana will be interviewed by Nichole Whitney, owner and founder of New For The Soul Radio. 

Learn about our story and what we do.

March 25, 2020, Wednesday, 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time

TOPIC:  Zion and Dyana will discuss the topic:  Step Into Your Power

Dyana, Zion, and the Zion Collective will discuss a new concept and teaching on how the energy of the planet allows the masses to flow forward. The process does not end with humanity, as our ascension is only the first step of many. The Collective describes the process of how “stepping into your power” benefits the entire Universe.

Dyana and Zion offer a higher consciousness discussion on the expression, “Where we go one, we go all.”

What exactly does this mean? At the end of the day, we all affect each other and the results benefit our personal growth as we step up to the next level, and the next, and what follows. Also, how do the accomplishments of humanity effect the entire Universe?

We hope you will join us tonight live. If you miss the broadcast, you can catch it on the replay link.


Stay Tuned…More News and Announcements to Follow



Mighty Masters – – Empower Yourselves

Dyana and Zion are mediums and channels who were brought together by the Zion Collective as messengers from the future. Many others like them have come forth as Ascended Masters incarnate. Their purpose is to awaken you to who you are and teach you to heal yourself and guide you to full awakening so that you discover the true self that is within you.

The Collective is here to help you remember how magnificent you are. You all have this radiant energy within you. Dyana and Zion want to show you the real you! Dyana says, “We desire to give you your power back, to teach you to become self-sufficient. Seeking your truth will empower you to heal yourself and to understand Higher Consciousness. You are on this journey with us, and as you walk in our shoes, we walk in yours.”


Zion adds, “We are here to empower you and teach you to start painting your world your way — not to allow others to do it for you. By teaching you, you genuinely see how we work for the greater good of you, not ourselves.”

Now is the time to awaken. Find your answers — no longer relying on others to tell you what your truth is because only YOU will know your truth. The Collective has come together to teach you to communicate with your Higher Self. “We put you on the starting path; then, the rest depends on you as to how far that road takes you.”

Many will tell you what to do, but not HOW TO DO IT.

When you came to this planet, you came with all you need, including what you accumulated over time and space — your ancestors, fractals of yourself in other dimensions. They are still with you and waiting for you to acknowledge them so they may accompany and guide you on your journey.

Zion states, “We target the entire person as a whole, including the mind, body, and soul, and show you who you are, teaching you independence, never co-dependence. We are a conduit of knowledge to take your hand and guide you home.”


Dyana stresses, “We came forth into this dimension as messengers and teachers with the purpose of awakening you. Reach your independence by learning how to communicate with your Higher Self. You are then set free to be the co-creator, to see and experience life through fresh eyes, observing without judgment. Then you shall go out and teach others.”

The time is now, as the 11th hour is upon us. We are calling all Masters to awaken.

Are you ready?


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PERFORMED ON 02/22/2020


Zion is asked, “Who are Zion and Dyana? 


Zion responds:


“We are individuals who have been groomed throughout our lifetime to assist humanity in recognizing who they are and how to gain their power back.” 


How do you plan on doing this?


Zion responds:


“I communicate to a higher level of understanding by tapping into our client’s energetic field. By connecting to your energy field, I scan your energy body, and I can diagnose what you need with the assistance of the entire Zion Collective. I also communicate with your Higher Self and Ancestors, who come forth during sessions to assist us by describing what you need. This information comes from your Higher Self and is not our opinion.


Every human life is recorded in the Akashic Records through all timelines

Akashic Records

Where do you begin your process once a request has been made?  


Zion responds:


“We begin by your request for assistance. Once you ask for our help, you welcome us into your world and give us permission to proceed. We cannot enter your world without permission, as this is considered spiritually bad manners and an intrusion of your privacy.”  


We require your permission granted by your answers offered on the questionnaire when you request a session. The inquiry is submitted with your answers, which simultaneously grant the Zion Collective permission to access your Akashic records and to review your past, present, and future, providing specific solutions to needs, conditions, or situations you may have.


Nine times out of ten times, you already know the answer to your questions at some level and are seeking confirmation. 


Thus, we assist you to be comfortable with the understandings by filling in details for you. 


How do you tune into the frequency?


Zion responds:

3d illustration of the power of mind



As stated, the client’s invitation grants permission and the Collective then, in a formal way, taps into your frequency. 


Once we have tapped into your frequency, we seek a common ground so you can relate to us, and we can relate to you.


How do you receive the response from the Higher Self?


Zion responds:


I see the response in my mind’s eye. As the question is being asked, I know the answer, as your request allows me to access the information. 


Why were you and Dyana chosen to bring this information?  


Zion responds:


We were not chosen. This is one of the things that needed to be done to assist humanity with the Ascension, and we felt the urge to help. 


How were you prepared for this position?


Zion responds:


I grew up on Earth as a human being, and I started from scratch just like humans do, to learn how to process day-to-day functions of humans to overcome amnesia. I’ve had a messed up childhood and hardships the same as others. This hardship assisted me in remembering my purpose of being.  


You said you are here as a human being like you aren’t a human being. So what are you?


Zion responds:


I am an energetic being in this body, and the more that I remember, the more I am disconnecting from being a human being because I do not process information or think the way humans think any longer.  The programming of humans prevents them from this ability.


A chicken “thinks” like a chicken, and an eagle “thinks” like an eagle. Most of humanity has lived on other planets, but do not recall this until the veil is lifted. Then they remember who they are and why they are here.  

When were you made aware of this information?


Zion responds:


It was always there for me, it was just a manner of unpacking it. As you grow up, there are certain things outside of your understanding, but as one grows, there is certain information that each of us can understand and deal with it, compare it, and understanding it in our environment.


Why do you think you and Dyana were brought together? 


Zion responds:


Our coming together is a pre-existing thing. This was no accident, it was preset and pre-staged before our time, and is something the Universe wanted to be done, and it happened.


Can you elaborate on how this is a pre-existing thing?

Soul group members reincarnate to assist one another through multiple incarnations.


Zion responds:


This means that Dyana and I have shared and had many encounters in many lifetimes before and during this lifetime. The Universe always arranges for us to meet in all lifetimes. In this lifetime, our purpose is to assist humanity. This is something we cannot orchestrate ourselves, and so it is arranged by the Universe due to the complexity of the situation itself. Dyana lives on the east coast, and I live on the west coast. Where we actually met was divinely orchestrated.  


The story of how Zion and Dyana met is told in the Case Study “Miss Louise”:


How long have you known Dyana in this incarnation?  


Zion responds:


Our meeting occurred in June 2018 in Arizona.  


When you met her, did you know that you were supposed to meet? Was this revealed right away?


Zion responds:


No, I did not even know of her existence, it’s just that, again, the Universe had put a situation in place to show us that we were meant to meet. The event that actually drew us to be in the same space at the same time occurred when Dyana was guided to an elderly lady with health issues. 


Dyana was guided to go into the space of this elderly woman, whom she did not know either. Dyana was called to assist her, and then upon preparing to perform a healing on the woman, Dyana mentally asked for assistance, and out of the blue, my wife and I entered that space. It was not a verbal thing, it was an energetic thing. 


From then, Dyana and I kept in contact, and we remained in communication. Our relationship grew as we continued serving others when called to do so. Later, our relationship was revealed to us, and from this point, the Universe began showing us the path we were to take. 


Now the two of you work together, and how did this come about?

Working together in Oneness brings world peace


Zion responds:


We realized that we both have talents and abilities that we could utilize to assist humanity and each other. As we did, we began receiving messages, communications, and guidance on what to do. So we just share our understandings and share the words we each receive. Most of the time, we obtain similar messages of what we need to accomplish. So we continually share this information, and that is how we reached the point we are right now. 


So as you and Dyana began developing higher consciousness understandings, how did you get into the healing process for others? What led to this?


Zion responds:


I had been experimenting with my own healing practices. I began receiving guidance to perform specific energetic processes and to study results using energy. Another specific direction led to me training from my guides, who encouraged me to try this and try that, and I would do it. I performed a lot of healing for my immediate friends and family.


Then one day, Dyana asked for my help with a health issue involving her dog’s cataracts. The same problem I had encountered with my sister as well, so Dyana and I began experimenting with healing, and one thing led to another. 


You say that you and Dyana have different abilities? How does this work as a team? How do your skills and Dyana’s differ, and how does each of your attributes benefit the group?


Zion responds:


The way our abilities work is like peas in a pod. The peas have their purpose, and the “pod” has its purpose.


Would you elaborate on this?  


Zion responds:


For example, I think in pictures, but Dyana thinks in words using her mental, physical, and emotional bodies. She’s good with words, and she is good at translating the pictures I see into words that people can relate to.


This is why we are a perfect team. Our abilities complement each other. 


As far as your healing practices, what type of healing abilities do you have? Can you explain or describe how you perform your healing?


Zion responds:   


Everything is energy. All I need to do is understand how the body processes energy. Then I go into a different dimension where I can easily manipulate the energy and remove and replace it with other energy. Being able to manage energy allows me to heal any part of the body containing dis-ease.


How does the Zion Collective enter in the process?

Collective of Angelic Energy


Zion responds:


The Zion Collective never left the scene, and they are in the NOW every day of my and Dyana’s life. They guide us both on our processes and how to use our abilities. When you go into an operating room, there is a team – each with their expertise. Each member of the Zion Collective has specific knowledge and abilities as well. Guides reveal to me how and what I need to do. I am also guided on what I don’t need to do, and how to be cautious. 


For example, certain people are sensitive to a high level of energy, so I must be mindful of the quality and quantity of energy I use for that specific body. 


Read the full bio on the Zion Collective here:


What do you mean the Zion Collective has always been there?


Zion responds:


The Zion Collective can be compared to when a human is born. All humans are born with what humans call Guardian Angels. Those Guardian Angels are not really angels, they are energetic beings dedicated to assist you in your lifetime. Once you learn to communicate with them, you learn that you were never alone?


When did you start hearing or feeling their presence in your life? How do they communicate with you, and when did this communication start? 


Zion responds:


For as long as I remember, since I was a kid, they have been communicating with me. I never really was a talkative kid, so I am always going inward curiously asking why, why, why. Every time I ask a question, I intuitively received the answer.  


Do you call them in, or are they just there? How does this work?


Zion responds:


I don’t need to call them in. You could think of the Zion Collective and me in the same regard as you and the hair on your head. They do not require sustenance or sleep, and all this is obvious to them. They are with me 24/7, as Dyana is connected to her Higher Self and guides as well. Dyana and I are also now connected to each other.


How do you plan to help humanity relate to this information, and what can you teach them?


Zion responds:


Our mission is to teach humanity. This is just a matter of finding a point to relate to whoever is taking in this information.  


So can you give us a preview of the types of teachings you can offer? Some example?


Zion responds:


One example we can offer is to teach humans how to access this information for themselves, and connect to and have a conversation with their Higher Self. Then they can get the answers that they seek for themselves and become self-sufficient. 


What other topics do you teach?


Zion responds:


An unlimited amount of topics and it all depends on what is needed. For example, how to do essential self-healing, how to understand and cope with your environment, how to understand your energy body, which is very simple yet sophisticated. 


Most of humanity does not understand the basic principle of energy, and every human must know this. Understanding the basic principle of energy to heal your own body is essential and will be commonplace in the future.


What are some of the abilities that you can teach humanity?


Zion responds:


How to access information readily available to everybody. Many overlook the clues and miss out totally on opportunities they are being offered. We are here to help you see the signs and follow the evidence.


Could you offer something now that people cannot do and what you can teach them other than what you have said?


Zion responds:


Simple things like how to activate your inner energy and power are the beginning. 


An example is if you take your right index finger and left index finger and press them in the center of the opposite palm, this activates the energy flow. Then hold your palms together 5 – 6 inches apart, and you can feel the energy. 


This elemental energy can be utilized to heal your headaches, heal somebody else, as it’s just basic energy manipulation. 


This is the process: Take your right index finger; press it into the center of your left palm. Next, press your left index finger in the center of right palm-this is how you activate your body energy. Do not do them simultaneously. Next, hold your palms facing each other about 5-6 inches apart, and feel for something, a slight tingling or possibly heat in the palms. 


Practice this, and you will begin to feel the energy between your palms. This is an excellent place to start understanding your own power.


So you are saying you teach natural healing methods that are not common in modern medicine. Is this correct? 


Zion responds:


Yes. Knowledge of natural healing methods was lost over time. Much of this knowledge was deliberately taught out of human awareness. Inside each of us, we always knew these teachings in the past. These teachings were lost due to the veil of forgetfulness. Humanity is now returning to these memories, and we are to assist in this process by teaching them.


Who is your higher self? 


Zion responds:


My Higher Self is me in a higher dimension. 


You mentioned some simple healing practices and teachings. What is an example of a higher consciousness teaching or training?


Zion responds:


A Higher Consciousness teaching is anything not generally taught in the classroom; it may be something you will find in books, but not to the higher levels. Magic in many cultures is considered Higher Consciousness because it involves more elevated levels of thinking and understanding. 


Higher Consciousness is when you are aware that you are not the physical body, and you are capable of stepping out of it, analyze it

and alter it to your desires. Our mission is to return the knowledge of one’s real power to humanity. 



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