Man becomes what he thinks about all day long. – Ralph Waldo Emerson




I wanted to share a few thoughts about my recent work with the Zion Collective and Dyana.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer early 2019 and went on a journey incorporating many different techniques and tools healing this imbalance in my body. I am a holistic healer and I use Reiki and Crystals with my spiritual team while undergoing chemotherapy. I spent the year of 2019 focused on the spiritual aspect of why this breast cancer was created. I healed myself every three weeks with Reiki and timed it around my infusion treatment. This helped to minimize all of my symptoms and I generally felt good. I had my mastectomy mid-year – healing well. The only stubborn cancer cells not moving well and spreading were on my sternum.

I already knew Dyana and worked with her to reset my energy previously on this journey. She came to me one day and asked for me to work with her and the Zion Collective to further the healing I was already experiencing. The results were astounding. I was guided to use a crystal to support the removal of what was left on the sternum. Zion had remotely and energetically placed a spark of light in this location. It helped the Crystal to release what it could.

A few months had passed and Zion reached out to check on me and more energy work ensued. The Zion Collective performed energy work in the 5D quantum field to support the sternum, a form of psychic surgery. Zion had again energetically placed more light in the location with guidance to do the surgery myself. I saw myself placing healing diamonds all over the cancer location. The last piece that was guided to me was to meditate with the tree out front of my home that wanted to support my healing by drawing out the cancer into Goddess Earth. I followed all of the steps and continued my Reiki every three weeks to support and solidify the changes that I could literally feel inside of my body.

It is my truest belief and strongest knowing that the combination of medical science with energy healing is the most beneficial way to completely heal the body of all of its ailments and disease. We are both spirit and physical and when combining spiritual healing and medicine we are balancing both worlds.

I write this testimony on behalf of supporting their work because at this present moment I am cancer-free and the work I did with Dyana and Zion is in large part why. Their work with me pushed the cancer right over the edge and helped me to release it completely. I needed just a little more something special to complete the process and they definitely gave it to me. I’m eternally grateful for their work on me and ultimately saving my life.

I love them dearly. Thank you.   A.N., California




This is Truly A Life Changing Gift which I Highly Recommend for All!

I was Guided to do the Extended Session as I had a Complex long-term history of various symptoms including chronic fatigue, brain fog, a November 2019 diagnosis of acute Epstein-Barr virus and an inability to move forward in my life. (No Energy to do so!)

My session was on 12/3/2019, and immediately I felt as though a heavy backpack had been lifted off of me!! The Zion Collective had cleared all past life cords, entities, and viruses which had been interfering with me in this lifetime.

I Am Free of All That Held Me Back!!

All that the Zion Collective, Dyana and Zion do is with absolute love, compassion and purity! From our initial emails, my remote session, the 5-page report, the 1-hour recorded video conference and follow-up coaching with Dyana has been heart-centered and so very generous with their time!

I have followed all their guidance and directions to a “T” in this co-creative process and I Am Beyond Happy and Grateful for the results.

It has been just over a month now and I have much more energy, clarity and excitement for all that continues to unfold!

May We All Be Set Free From All That Limits our Divine Spark In Any Way!

With Much Love, Light and Gratitude, ❤️✨🙏🏻 Holly R. Vermont




Since my healing session with the Zion Collective, I have felt more patience and heart-centered connections with my family and those around me. I still had some moments of impatient feelings, but it was easier to lean into the moment with my heart and to be in service to others. I’m so grateful for the lotus flower! The healing that Zion did created a physical shift in my body.  Thank you!

I have also had some mystical experiences since the healing.  Several nights after, as I was going to sleep, I felt my body float above the bed. I felt very calm and at peace, but just in awe of the experience. It wasn’t very long; felt no need to open my eyes and 10-15 seconds later I was back in bed and just went to sleep. I had a sense that there was a light blue bubble surrounding me when I was elevated…maybe the bubble Zion put me into.

Also, I started to see an increase of light sparkles around me at various times.  And at one time I could see a small spinning vortex of faint lights when I was in bed. It seemed like some kind of energy, but couldn’t figure out what it was. I feel the first video you sent explains what I was seeing!!

I have also taken steps to start to organize certain areas of our house (this was a spot on recommendation! Lol!) and looked into empath strategies, which have been so helpful to realize that it isn’t always my energy I’m feeling. This makes so much sense! The salt baths are amazing too…what a great way to end the day and recharge!

Truthfully, the responses from my higher self took time for me to digest. It made me question and doubt who I am and some of my conversations with my higher self.   I had past life memories that I thought were related to emotional struggles I have had in this lifetime.  This made me question my intuition during meditation.  But, after some reflection, I realized that the responses released me from past lives and to take responsibility in this lifetime and present moment.  I was able to have a lot easier interaction with my parents this past weekend. I feel I can release and let go of the past interactions with them easier.

I have been consciously slowing myself down and looking at my fears. Thank you for channeling this information to me.

I am truly grateful for both of you and your gifts.

With much love and gratitude,

KK, Pacific Time Zone.




I am genuinely astounded every day by the changes in me since I received the healing from yourself, Zion and the collective…

When I received the healing I was suffering with some insomnia, high anxiety, heart palpitations and what I perceived to be Chronic Fatigue. That night I was in bed and almost immediately after a small amount of muscle twitching I drifted off to sleep, my dreaming was fairly lucid.  I felt as if there were many people holding my arms and stroking my hair, it was comforting and I knew I was receiving healing. When I woke up early morning I really felt like I had been visited in the night, I even thought I had a sticker on my chest which I tried to remove in my semi-waking state… I felt calm, well rested, my thought process had completely calmed.

I can only describe what my brain felt like before – I literally felt as though my brain was on fire, suffering from CPTSD I was constantly on high alert and in fight/flight most of my waking life, I found meditation difficult because of my racing thoughts… Now two weeks post healing I feel like a different person, my heart and brain have peace, I can now mediate better than before (two young children mean I don’t have much time) sometimes my children will sit with me, great practice for them too! My husband and I have removed all meat, dairy and any alcohol from our diets, eating clean and removing all toxicity from our lives (toxic foods and relationships)… the presence of mind and calmness that has descended over the whole family is unprecedented and feels like we have had healing in all aspects of our lives.

Thank you so much for sharing this healing, you have probably saved my life, shortened my ascension time, and saved my children so that they have the mother who can give fully to the very best of her ability….. I AM ETERNALLY GRATEFUL and I know my two little boys when they understand will be eternally grateful also.

I really feel that I now have the solid foundations to build the life of my dreams going forward, I believe this is all down to the healing I have received only two weeks ago. I have never felt this ‘unshakeable’ determination and I hope it stays with me forever.

Thank you so much, eternally grateful and sending love always –     R.F., Cheshire, United Kingdom




On the day of my session, I did not know in advance that a session would be done that day… However, all day, I kept wondering aloud, “What did I do that is making me feel so different, so very good? Did I take some new supplement, or start some new regime?” I kept trying to figure out what was causing such a good feeling in me – such a feeling of positivity, and of being “immune” or invulnerable to challenges. It happened to be a day when a lot of challenges were coming my way, and yet, it seemed that they were bouncing off of me – almost like I had a protective shield, or deflective armor. It felt wonderful!

Later I realized that I had my 5-D healing session that day! Afterwards, I certainly seemed to be finding myself thriving in a brand new world and a brand new reality. Sometimes slowly, sometimes suddenly, but always surely in a completely new existence. It’s definitely an inside job and is dawning on me from within – like I am becoming a wider, more expansive version of my self – my upgraded self- upgraded into 5-D.

I did have a particular issue that I was seeking assistance with. I feel that that may be unfolding gradually over time, improving slowly, yet surely. I do feel my thoughts changing in regards to this, and I feel myself becoming someone who will no longer have this – or anything else – that can trouble me or limit my progress.

Additionally, as part of my 5-D session, I also received some recommendations, sourced from my Higher Self. These made absolute sense, and matched with other input that I received from two other trusted sources – the advice matched very precisely – This was an obvious confirmation for me, with one of these messages coming to me prior to my 5-D session, and one of them coming just a few days afterwards. They all matched up, and made perfect sense!

I am very glad that I did this, and recommend it.     L.J.K., Princeton, NJ, USA




I feel that my body is still in the process of assimilating the Light Energy Healing that the Zion Collective did on my behalf and that is why I have this feeling to sleep. I also think it is going to take a while as there are a number of physical deficiencies and inefficiencies that need rectifying which are limiting my spiritual advancement.

At the moment, I am still experiencing pain in most of my major joints but something tells me it is also ascension symptoms. I know that in a few months this will change.  I also know this is a genuine reading as it resonates with me and several things mentioned I know to be true, as I have had experiences which were confirmed. 

What I like most about the reading is that the major aspects of the healing process were identified and explained.  For example, “The Rejuvenating Spark of Light”, the “Orb of Energy” etc. This is confirmation that the team is being guided by the Higher Dimensional Beings of Light. They telepathically told the intuitive healers what to do. 

The reading also gives the necessary instructions to follow to maximize fully the benefits that can be realized.  In fact, the reading which is transmitted from 5D translates Light Energy, Light Codes, and Light Language through the Medium/Intuitive Healers and makes it comprehensible to people. 

This is a quote I read sometime ago: “That which you seek is also seeking you.”  I apply this to every aspect of my life and this reading manifested.  I really love the reading.   Thanks to The Zion Collective.     G.M.L., West Indies




Your work you did on me was phenomenal I have not felt this good in a very long time. I felt anxiety from time to time but it goes hand in hand with the energy waves that hit the earth. I can never say thank you enough for all you have done for me! Thank you.  A.B., Charlotte, NC, USA




The morning after my healing session, I awoke feeling like something was very different. I had slept very well and deep. I awoke feeling refreshed and overwhelmingly happy. There was a sense of love and healthy well-being surrounding me. The feeling just kept growing as the “Spark of Light” placed within my chest kept growing. I felt really good, smiling a lot like I was walking on clouds.

The session was completely pain-free and I have not experienced any pain since then. In fact, my body has responded differently to the world around me since the treatment. My friends and clients have shared that I am admitting a glow and have commented that I look and feel different to them.

My experience of this healing has shown itself mostly in the way of emotion and feeling. Very uplifting and joyful feelings run through me easily. Luckily I do not have any chronic pain or issues of that nature. I have been in the process of healing breast cancer and I’m in the final phases of my treatment after mastectomy. As the team guided me, I took my clear quartz crystal and placed it over my heart chakra to help the “Spark” within me collect what cancer is remaining. Being that I’m a healer I am able to sense what the crystal is doing and how my body is changing with this assistance. Energetically it feels the healing is completely changing my body.

I underwent cancer treatment completing chemo earlier this year and am now healing myself with what’s called target therapy. I’ve been able to compare my first target therapy treatment before I had this healing session and now the second treatment following the session, and I see a difference. Where I’m seeing the difference mostly is in how the treatment is affecting my body with the physical symptoms that follows treatment. I am not having the symptoms that I had the first time around with the stomachaches and headaches etc. I am sleeping better I am feeling uplifted. I am also feeling like the second treatment is a lot easier than it was the first time around. I have a few more of these treatments to go and at this rate I suspect it being an easier process.

One of the most profound things that I found after this treatment, about two weeks or so after I received it, was when I looked into my thoughts and feelings from situations of my past during meditation, I felt no energy around them anymore. It was like I knew I experienced these things but now I didn’t have any emotional investment in them. It‘s a very loving and easy feeling of completion that remains. 

Thank you so very much for helping me on my healing journey. I’m eternally grateful.   A.N., California,USA




Because, I am energy sensitive, I did notice, energetic activity around my body, around the time, of the healing. I felt no pain at any time. I did feel a few muscle twitches for a few days following. What I did notice the most, was the severe hot flashes, mostly on my head. Did a lot of wiping of my forehead. It has since diminished a lot since the beginning.  I have not noticed any increase in symptoms. *** if anything, just the same on the physical. But, the fears and anxiety have lessened. My Root Chakra has been vibrating a lot lately. * Some part of my physical being is always vibrating, tho 🤣 , so it’s difficult to make that distinction. … Guess that’s all that comes to my mind at this point in time. Be Well….  I am feeling that I’m responding more, in general from my heart space. Less reactive, trying not to over react. Less brain, more Heart. I know, it’s a Process.    J.A.A., Ohio, USA




I wanted to wait a few days after the healing before responding.  Firstly thank you so much.  The days following the healing I felt worse, my body ached — my neck particularly — and my arm felt over used when I had done nothing out of the ordinary.  I felt tired and weak.

However over the last few days I have seen a vast improvement in my back and have been able to do things like gardening and mopping the floor without discomfort.  I did find it quite upsetting to read what was found in my skeleton and I am not surprised as I have used it well.

The real test will be if the sciatica is better in the Winter, but for now a few days after I am seeing a vast improvement.  I was concerned about my twisted neck and did feel that it had been manipulated as it was achy but that is better now also.  Sending you both love and light and looking forward to seeing your new website and the remarkable healing that you are doing.

UPDATE!  All pain is gone.  My back has improved and there is no pain for the first time in many years.  I am so happy with the results.  I am gardening again, moving freely completely pain free.  I am so very happy.   I have a lot of friends who can’t wait for your web site to launch.  Many best wishes and success.   T.M., London England




It has been about a month after the remote healing sessions for my dogs received from the Zion Collective. I can say that their has been a tremendous improvement for both of my dogs.  Following are some of the changes I’ve been noticing after the healing:

One of my dogs had lost hair around his ears and legs due to his illness, but hair is growing back both on the ears and legs. 

The vet had told me that it will never grow again, so I think it’s because of the healing energy the Collective sent.  He is also gaining weight and eating very well.  He had a cathartic on his eyes and he had to have a surgery.  His recovery was so slow and it seemed he was having infections prior to the healing.  Infection is now cleared completely.

My other dog had a weird symptom during and after the remote healing.  She was trembling for no apparent reasons.  I feel that it was due to the “Divine Spark of Light” which she received from the session.

Both of my dogs have full of energy now and they are enjoying long daily walks.

I’m so thankful for the Zion Collective.  It was almost a miracle that my sick dogs are not sick anymore.  Thank you.  N.U., Tokyo, Japan




I’m absolutely grateful for the Zion Collective to have performed two healing sessions at one setting.  One for my vision impairment and the other for my relationship with my daughter.

Although my vision stays the same, I was really surprised that I literally felt pains in both eyes around the time when the healing session was taking place.   A couple days after the session, there was an incident between my daughter and I.  I immediately went deep into this familiar dark place emotionally.  But something incredible happened this time.  A brand new thought/perception emerged from nowhere.  I felt incredible calmness in the midst of apparent chaos.  I felt an acceptance of me feeling this way. There also was a knowing that everything was happening in Divine order and everything would be okay.  The post session report indicated that the parasite attached to our negative energy was removed and a “Spark of Light” was inserted into my body.

Almost one month has passed since the session.  My relationship with my daughter definitely improved.  I cannot pinpoint what is contributing to this, but I choose not to over-analyze it and focus on enjoying the time I have with her.  What a gift.  I’m forever grateful.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be part of the study.   Y.K., Huntington Beach, California, USA




I enjoyed the wisdom provided about the condition I listed. It makes sense to me that hereditary conditions may manifest simply due to a suggestion. My symptoms have not flared up until recently.

Additional feedback: Firstly, thank you for the healing again. Although I have not experienced many new physical sensations, I have to report that my level of intuition has skyrocketed. Since the healing, it seems that I am able to receive communications from The Beyond much more clearly and I am also able and willing to let myself trust those communications freely; it is very liberating for me. I have been experiencing an immense sense of love, support, and guidance that I have not experienced before (that I can remember). I now have a deep knowing that things are working out for me in perfect timing and as a result of this loving support and guidance, I have been feeling a wonderful sense of peace and self-trust that has been missing from my life. I am finding that what I need appears and I have a deep knowing that what I need in the future is on the way; as previously mentioned, it is quite liberating for me and I am so grateful. So, again, thank you. My life has changed for the better in a very powerful way. I have not felt this free, satisfied, peaceful, loving, and lighthearted in a long time.  With MUCH love and gratitude.  J.C., Sacramento, California, USA




I experienced a twitching in my left leg the day after, otherwise not much difference in my health issues.The suggestions that were made seemed correct to me and I am starting to do some of them (lemon water, ginger tea and vitamins). The staying away from all white foods not so easy.  I feel now it’s up to me to use the tools you gave me.I would recommend that people give it a try. Nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Thank you again and lots of luck in your endeavors.   S.P., Lisboa, Portugal




I didn’t notice any activity in my jaw, just that it was feeling better. I had some very intense pain and spasming in my hip/back in the week after the healing. This subsided after about 1-1/2 to 2 weeks. I did have jerking and twitching muscles. This often happens at night for me anyways since my kundalini, so I wasn’t sure if this was from the healing or just regular.  I’ve noticed much improvement in both my jaw and hip and back.

There is still a weakness in the hip which concerns me and occasional pain. However, it is much much improved and I have high hopes for living my life with much more physical activity and starting to strengthen. Yes I did notice a couple of days in particular that I did not feel good emotionally and was in more physical pain and I began to question if the healing will continue to work or if it will revert back to pain.

And so I’m definitely more aware of what I’m thinking. When I do happen to feel some pain, that is when I question things, so I’m catching myself and shifting my thinking.    C.T., Sacramento, California USA




Thank you so much for your healing session, OMG, it’s amazing!  Well my internal hemorrhoids bothered me for years, now they don’t bother me at all,  The two disks in my back feel great.  I felt the difference the next morning, my body felt so light, and it’s still good.  There is no pain in my left knee anymore.  My neck and shoulders from the accident in February is coming around.  I still have physiotherapy done, still some pain there.  I can’t thank you enough for accepting me into your Healing Session.  I am 71 years old and I feel great!  Lots of Love to the Zion Collective, and thank you again.  P.S.,  St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada




This is another testimonial in August 2019 of my observations after my healing session in July, 2019. The summer weather here where I live has been very hot and humid, so what I was feeling for a whole week after the healing could be due to a combination of the weather and the healing session. I do not have air conditioning and use only fans in my apartment, so it still feels very warm inside when it is very hot and humid outside.

For a full week after the healing session I felt a hot, burning sensation on my skin and I was wondering whether this was effects from the healing. I felt sick and nauseated, but did not vomit. My back, mostly the lower portion, was slightly sore. I felt tired and my energy felt lower. I was also sweating. I had to often rest on my bed. After a week I felt better, but the hot, humid summer weather here continues to make me feel very warm. The hot, burning sensation is gone along with the other symptoms I was experiencing. My body and joints feel better, but still need more work. I now have a better attitude and outlook, more faith and hope on helping to cure and restore my body to good health, realizing that to end the suffering and ailments of my body, serious work has to be done with the mind and emotions. Releasing and clearing negative experiences, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions from the past, forgiving and loving the self and forgiving others to allow ourselves and others to be free, living in the present now, choosing the proper foods, liquids, natural supplements and herbs for the body, and saying positive, beneficial affirmations are all important to help restore the body to good health.

Thank you for the healing session. The information that was given to me was so true and it was very much appreciated. Blessings.   C.S., St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.




To the Zion Collective, I cannot thank you enough for helping me to heal.  I have had stomach issues for a long time and a weakened sphincter muscle.  When I woke up the other morning, something had changed, I felt better.  You guys recommended root vegetables and I’m finding them great on my stomach as well.  I did experience a lot of hot flashes, and then cold flashes, which you guys told me could be a side effect, which I didn’t mind at all, knowing that it is the light that is healing my stomach and I’m starting to find that my sphincter muscle is tightening.

I’m feeling better and better as each day passes, I can’t thank you guys enough, I will keep very positive and continue to follow your recommendations.  Much ,much love to you both Dyana and Zion, and the Zion Collective. Thank you.   S.P.W., Newfoundland, Canada




I wanted to thank you for the healing and to tell you that the results were very interesting. I eat pretty healthy, living in a rural area all of our meals are prepared from scratch.  It was funny that potato chips were mentioned because that’s the only “junk food” we buy.  My girls can’t eat anything with milk or gluten and potato chips are the only “bad” snack they get. I sometimes steal a few from them and that’s as much as I eat.

I am grateful to find out I should stay away from artificial colors. We pay close attention to that stuff specially for my children but now I know I should for myself as well.

I think that the 75% healing is a great way of providing these healings because it gives the patient the responsibility to take care of themselves and gives them that power as well.

I wish the best for you and your new endeavors.  With love.     A.S.C., Cauquenes , Chile




I am not sure exactly when the healing was done. But based on the time frame indicated in your e-mail follow up, I do recall needing to sleep a lot for 2 -3 days following the session.  I also noticed some pain that came up in my knees following the session but resolved within 24 hours. Back pain I was experiencing going into the session subsided to a lower level for a week, but it has returned intermittently, though not as intense.

I have definitely noticed hot flashes intermittently since the healing. Funny thing is, even before the healing I had noticed twitching muscles over the last 6 months but those have decreased significantly since the healing which I did not expect since you had mentioned people experience them after the healing.

After getting your feedback I did some further exploring in meditation. I feel my depression has lightened significantly since the healing. After muscle testing and meditation, I am trialing a lower dose of my antidepressant and so far doing fine. Guidance has shared that it would be a process over time to wean off my medication and it would need to be done slowly. I will keep you posted on that.

After the healing I had some short-lived waves of emotion surface…anger, fear, aggravation.  But I noticed I was able to let it flow through me and be released without attaching to it. I felt more like an observer and was able to have gratitude for its presence but then release it completely. I definitely felt lighter, like a huge weight had been lifted. I feel more relaxed and less self conscious when interacting with others which is helpful since I can be very introverted and at work, in particular, I have to be a leader and not fearful of speaking up, especially in advocating for others.

It’s hard to put into words but I feel like my ability to be playful has returned. It is easier for me to detach with love and not take things so personally. I don’t feel overburdened with responsibility like I have for so long.  I am very focused on allowing this healing to flow. I believe strongly in the experience and expect positive improvement. When I see improvement, I acknowledge it verbally and send love and gratitude.

My perception of my world moving forward is very hopeful and I guess you would say excited. I anticipate ongoing positive change and being able to effectively release those people and things and situations that are no longer in alignment with my energetic vibration, with complete ease under grace. I just feel so much more grounded and able to anchor higher vibrational light/energy into the body and soul of the Earth. I used to feel like my depression was a lens that distorted my reality and I couldn’t see things clearly without an overarching emotional heaviness. The distortion lens is gone. I feel like my intuition is heightened with exceptional clarity. I am not quite sure how to describe, words are inadequate to explain the feeling. But it is wonderful, may sound odd but almost like being reborn.

In my personal experience, the sensation resonates with my shamanic dismemberment journey where essentially you die to your old self and your spirit guides and power animals “take you apart “and help create a new, more evolved you that has made a conscious choice to answer the call of your spiritual sovereignty.

I would like to extend my gratitude the Zion Collective for the healing you did for me. I look forward to hearing more about your work in the future.  Much love always.     A.C., Ontario, Canada




I am extremely grateful for your assistance in my healing. I have had severe arthritis in my back and scoliosis in my spine, and a lot of pain in my left leg. For two days I have had much less pain and can walk normally again. C.W., Las Vegas, Nevada, USA




I must say the analysis is correct about the trauma as, when I was nine years old, my father took me too see my late grandfather and in part of his support he showed me that all grandad was, was an empty vessel and took my hand and forced me to grab his hand.

As a psychic and more at that time, I naturally screamed but every relative in my DNA lineage heard that scream no matter where they were in the UK. All contacted my mother asking after me stating they weirdly heard me scream.

Although i thought it was just a memory clearly as this was an end of my abilities as well I left a piece of me behind at that trauma.

Thank you for the opportunity to heal this.     D.H., London – England




My experience since the 5D healing.  After the 5D healing once again I had a dream.  I felt great ease, but I can not recall the dream.

I had no odd muscle sensations, though it was more directed throughout my feelings of contentment which has risen.  Also as odd as this sounds on the same day I reconnected with a family member who I hadn’t had the company of for quite some time due to differences. This is not a coincidence, as I felt a change for the better.

My energy is nice and stable and even.  It continues to increase. I would in my experience now recommend 5D healing for anyone to try.  Thank you so much.      G.L., Perth, Australia




I wasn’t aware of the time or date of my healing session,but one morning I woke to a lighter more grounded feeling and I still feel it.  The next day, I received the report.  I didn’t experience any side effects….what has changed for me the most is following your recommendations…get a reiki session done and become a reiki healer…and a change in diet…I’m on it!  I can tell you that I’m feeling better every day, the killer depression is lifting….that, in itself is a life changer for me.  Thank you and your team for every thing you are doing, I was happy to be a part of it.     G.T., Canyonville, Oregon, USA




I am writing to thank you immensely for your Quantum Healing Therapy.  I feel different as does my husband.   I wanted to give you some feedback on what I felt… I believe it will help you in your practice.

The night of the healing, I woke up in the middle of the night with some pain in my right shoulder, a headache, and sore throat.  Yesterday morning when I woke up, the pain was strong in my sinus, teeth (gums), throat and chills in my body.  I thought it could have been the flu… but now I don’t think so.  The combination of the pains was not flu. 

Last night the pain went away, but I felt the jitters from my stomach and muscle twitching a bit… Now I just feel a bit of chills in my body.  So that’s my update… Emotionally, I feel calm and for some reason, cannot think negatively about the issues mentioned.  My husband feels good with his back, had a bit of pain in his back yesterday, and now says he feels a bit anxious.  Wanted to share this with you and thank you again for the therapies.        I.D.D.S., Cusco, Peru




On 25th July 2019, I had a Medical Intuitive reading done by The Zion Collective.  The team picked up so much that is current and happening right now with my health and well-being, sensing my fears and areas of pain that I experience.  I was blown away by the accuracy and kindness to someone they do not know. The healing done on me is so appreciated. The kindness and insights have made a huge difference in my life. I had my first healing session with Dyana in May 2019 and the changes to my life and body are nothing short of a miracle. My fibromyalgia is cured! A million thank yous to your team, and may God bless you with abundance and continue to light up your way.  J.M.S., London, England




My Energy healing was totally awesome!!!

I have a renewed sense of being and am so grateful for your time today. Bless you!

Since our session, I have discovered that I am claircognizant. There are things that I just know. Although I am still awakening, I am discovering things about myself each day.

Having my coaching session with you confirmed that I am more than someone’s mom or wife, etc.I am continuing to improve my journey with the guidance and tools you have given me.

Thank you so much!!    G.B. USA




Thank you for today.  I can’t  find a big enough word to express how much better I feel after my session with you today.  I am elated and feel magnificent.  I’ve already had a small miracle to confirm that I have moved up in frequency since our session a few hours ago. The check engine light on my van has disappeared and I am back to having all green lights while driving.  I physically feel elated, infused with positive energies running thru my entire body.  I have more energy and zest for life once again. Here is my testimonial for you:

I had a star seed coaching session today with Dyana.  I went to Dyana because I heard her say in one of our training classes that she had experience with removing dark entities from other star seeds and I knew I needed her help.    She knew exactly how to rid me of my remaining malevolent entities by giving me the ETR again today but it wasn’t that easy.  These dark entities weren’t going away easily.   In the midst of our session, the malevolent beings interfered with our internet connection.  I lost the connection thru zoom with Dyana but she didn’t give up. She connected back with me via zoom immediately and finished the session for me.  I could feel the energies leaving my body almost instantly. I’m so grateful that she did not give up. 

Once my frequency was clear and raised up into 5D, Dyana took additional time to coach me on how to keep my frequency at 5D and above.  How to become a co-creator and manifest for myself.  While I had already had the tools, I didn’t really understand the value of setting up a daily practice until our session today.  I had nearly lost all confidence that I would never be cleared of negative energies until my session with Dyana today.  I am now more than confident that I have everything I need to remain in 5D and higher.  I finally feel like I’ve got this.

Thank you Dyana for being patient, kind, loving and diligent with me today.  Your a true warrior of light.   K.M., Chicago, Illinois, USA




I am writing to you with immeasurable gratitude for your energy work.  It has been only a few days, however,  I feel that all things are in the process of being reset.  As you suggested, my guides show me one by one, my attachments which I have not consciously known.  Whenever, I see them, I repeat the mantra – I release continuously until it goes away in peace. The most effective mantra I came up with for my situation, especially for my daughter is:  “I thank her.  I release her.  I bless her. ” 

In any event,  I truly feel that the energy healing is an incomparable gift for the humanity going through this ascension.  I am grateful as I was given the opportunity to have such a miraculous healing.  Thank you and I love you!   M.L., Los Angeles, California, USA