Fifth Dimensional Medical Intuitive Quantum Energy Healing Process


Upon acceptance of your application for consultation, the team will analyze your case and schedule your 5D Quantum Energy Healing Session. All sessions are performed remotely. There is no preparation necessary on your part.


  • The team will first study your history and presenting complaints.


  • The energy body is scanned by the medical intuitive in 5D seeking any and all abnormalities.


  • Next, an extensive historical search through the Akashic Records is performed.


  • Your Higher Self and ancestors step forward to offer input to your case in the form of historical information or ancestral history that is pertinent.


  • Validation of the findings are offered by the Zion Collective.


  • A team decision is made on how to proceed with your Energy Healing process.


  • A routine cleansing and clearing of your energy body and aura are performed to create a pristine healing environment using Light technology that is from the infinite Universe and is unlimited energy.


  • Procedures to be carried out are then conducted once final approval is given by the Higher Self.


  • The energy body is then treated with therapies to provide the highest energetic support for painless healing using multiple light therapy treatments to include: 


  • A Rejuvenating Spark of Light from the Great Central Sun is placed within the energy body for a specific period of time offering inner and outer ongoing help as a quantum energy barrier shield around the area of concern.


  • A second protective barrier containing Gaia’s 5D natural energy is put in place.  This energy is powered according to your vibration.  The energy continually cleanses and removes all abnormalities it contacts.  All treatment is performed in fifth dimensional energies and nothing in 3D can alter or affect 5D energy treatments.


  • A third energy field is created with energy from the Infinite Universe holding unlimited benefits as Universal energy is unlimited.


  • Archangel Michael severs all cords to the past during your healing session; however, if you dwell on negative thoughts and emotions, you can reconnect the cords.  Stay out of fearful thoughts or doubts that are typical in 3D. 


  • Everything is recorded from beginning to end to prepare a report of findings, processes, and procedures to be delivered to you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours following the remote session. Everything performed on your energy body typically heals 75% of your condition, in many cases 100%.


  • Recommendations are offered in the final report to enlist your 25% participation to obtain 100% permanent healing of your 3D body.  Your 25% also includes your ability to maintain positive nonjudgmental expectations.  If you expect failure or if you cannot release the past issues that caused your 3D dis-eases, then they may return to you. 


  • Your thought frequencies are directly related to a successful outcome.  You are a creator.  Your thoughts are how you create in your environment.  Emotional control, maintaining positive expectations, and remaining nonjudgmental by not labeling feelings as bad or negative are all vital to your success.  Your every thought is the cause of the effect you receive within your body as this is how humans manifest their own realities.  This information has been deliberately hidden from humanity as a form of control-over-others by those in power of every institution in our lives.


  • The purpose of Spiritual Life Coaching Services we offer is designed for those newly awakening ones who are working toward ascension and are beginning to understand they have unique abilities and powers to control all aspects of their lives through their thoughts.  This higher level understanding is recommended for each client prior to receiving a 5D Medical Intuitive Quantum Energy Healing as success is the desired goal following the services.  If you desire further assistance in fully understanding and maintaining the higher consciousness thought control, the Zion Collective recommends further coaching both before and following the healing to the newly awakening.  Support materials and case studies will be offered to assist you through the teachings of Universal Law.  When you feel you are ready to proceed with your healing, we will gladly proceed.


  • Followup will take place in a few days following your healing session to remain in contact and assist you and monitor your progress until healing is complete.