The 5D Quantum Energy Healing offers excellent potential in future healthcare as we know it. Some will be concerned about side effects as this is part of the 3D reality. Our records show thus far the only side effects experienced are as follows:


  • You may feel slight side effects in the form of muscle jerking or twitching occurring day and night. When sleeping the twitches will awaken you. The minor muscle spasms are a temporary side effect as your 3D body accepts and integrates the 5D Central Sun light and energy. There is no pain from this effect, although the twitching and jerking muscles are somewhat unusual, and shall pass in a short time.


  • Hot or cold flashes are another side effect caused by light treatment introduced in the body to assist with healing and pain control. The light remains in the body continually seeking out any abnormalities while performing continued healing after the treatment. Twitching muscles may also be a result of the spark of light as some describe a flash or spark followed by the twitch. The light treatment flows continuously throughout the body – back and forth – over and over, searching for any injury or dis-ease that needs healing. The spark ignites when it finds an injury to cure. Previous injury sites meet with healing from thermal energy moving through the injury site traveling at rapid speed through the body seeking to heal until healing is completed.


  • Resultant cold flashes also occur at night or day. The body temperature will cool off after heat flashes, resulting in chills. Just cover up to stay warm, and have a warm drink. The chills shall also pass in a short time.


  • Pain is part of the healing process with more extensive surgical procedures. Methods are offered to eliminate and lessen the pain without chemicals or drugs in the body that causes complicated side effects. Our treatments are all-natural. Treatment is rendered to reduce the pain in recovery using specialized light therapy that heals all abnormalities in the 3D human vessel reducing recovery time and lessening the pain. The client may experience some discomfort during the initial healing process. Light therapy reduces the pain by sharing the workload with which the body typically struggles to handle both pain and healing.


  • Extensive sleep is part of the body’s necessary healing process. The more comprehensive the treatment, the more rest and hydration required during the recovery period.