Are You Ready For Fifth Dimensional Quantum Energy Healing?

…A new approach to an old concept.



If You Are More Than a 3D Body, Then What Else Are You?


Everything is energy.  You are Light energy.  Your energetic being resides in the 5th dimension as a spiritual energy being in the form of an energy body.

Intuitive Energy Healing is Holistic healing which occurs in every aspect of the body including the emotions and the mind.  If you change any part of the whole (holistic) process, changes occur in all areas of your life.  The specific goal in holistic healing is restoring balance in all your bodies.  You are more than a body that functions physically, but you are also an emotional body that bears great weight on your happiness.  If your emotional body is out of balance, so will your physical body be out of balance.

Balance in every form of life is necessary to achieve perfect health.

A medical intuitive can see inside your body as depicted in the photographs. They scan your energy body by viewing you in 5D. Any abnormalities instantly stand out.

Holistic healers create balance in your Chi by observing your energy body meridians, clearing blockages, and understanding the cause of your condition which is typically an imbalance of energy.

Energy blockages are caused by stress (mental and emotional focus on stress ~ fear ~ anger), an injury or trauma, or imbalanced or unhealthy living habits that include your diet and habits such as a sedentary lifestyle. 

Medical intuitive holistic healers scan for the location of blockages in the body.  The blockage reveals the root cause of health problems  ~  where they originated ~  and from which of your bodies the blockage began ~ physical/mental/spiritual bodies.

How much and where your energy flows will result in how you feel, how you think, and your overall health condition. As your body’s life-force energy becomes blocked, the result is an imbalance.

View of the 5D Energy Body

You are Light energy. Everything is energy. Your energetic being resides in the 5th dimension as a spiritual energy being in the form of an energy body.

The Zion Collective takes a new approach to an old concept with powerful results. Through medical intuitive scanning and treatment of the 5D energy body ~ THE REAL YOU ~ a multidimensional approach is taken to provide quantum or fifth dimensional energy healing of abnormalities viewed by the medical intuitive, thereby resulting in changes to the 3D physical body. 

A well known fact among holistic healers is that the conditions of the energy body affect the visible physical body.  By normalizing the condition of the energy body, the physical body is also normalized from several approaches.

How is 5D quantum energy healing different from 3D energy healing? 


Spiritual energy healing such as Reiki has been around for many years as have other modalities each with one thing in common — all have approached energy healing in the 3rd dimension (3D) with the purpose of relieving pain, illness, and dis-ease. We believe in these treatments and refer clients for these treatments, including


~  Reiki

~  Acupuncture

~  Hypnotherapy and others.


A major issue affecting results is that results are not always permanent as several factors affect results. 

The most predominant factor involving any healing modality is the societal programming of the human mind with beliefs of:

  • Fear
  • Guilt
  • Shame
  • Unworthiness
  • Self Doubt
  • Expecting failure
  • Inflexibility of the mind to accept new beliefs
  • Inability to release the past producing a cause-and-effect cycle in the human body. 


Programming of the human mind is based in societal beliefs that teach from outdated information ~ mainly the belief that the human is only a physical body  ~ which even more recent scientific studies have shown we are much, much more.

The new paradigm of the multidimensional approach deprograms the 3D societal beliefs with the assistance of the medical intuitive healing.  The multidimensional approach works from the premise that you are not the body you see in the mirror. The physical body is your avatar self in 3D.

The REAL YOU is the ENERGY body.

The Real You is Energy

The Energy Body is who you really are.



What is the process of performing Quantum Energy Healing?


Quantum energy healing practitioners uncover abnormalities and use new methods in energy healing to include the following:


Quantum Energy Healing performed remotely by medical intuitive humans accessing the energy body in 5D, offering a new approach to healing from a higher dimension resulting in healing of the known four human bodies:



~  First, the team performs research by reviewing the client information form submitted with the order. 

~  Viewing the etheric body follows to identify abnormalities, negative issues, and blocks that hold people back in life.  Intuitive healers energetically scan the energy body viewing it in 5D, verifying complaints and abnormalities described and those viewed by the medical intuitive.


Scanning views of the human body by the medical intuitive

~  Next, examining the client’s history through the Akashic Records, the team searches for the first appearance of dis-ease based on Universal Law of Cause and Effect.

~  The Higher Self, ancestors, and other members of the Zion Collective step in to assist and verify findings, offering options for eliminating the cause that in some cases is traced back several lifetimes in the human experience.

~ The medical intuitive healer renders treatment on the 5D Energy Body using advanced multi-dimensional methods.

~ The team offers healing techniques to abnormalities found in the body systems enabling return of normal functions.


Examples of healing techniques include the following.  


~  Pulverizing kidney and gallbladder stones for easy passage.

~  Revealing root causes to illnesses on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels allowing the human to heal on all levels. 

~  Health problems cover all manner of illnesses and injuries, congenital disabilities, incurable diseases, as well as long-term health issues.

~  Performing surgical procedures on diseased organs, including organ transplants of 5D organs. An organ donor is not necessary for 5D Energy Body transplants. 

~  Transplanted 5D organs cannot be altered by anything in 3D. 

~  Transplanting and supplementing entire spinal structures in the 5D energy body also healing the 3D physical body.

~  Finally, over time and based on many factors, results are shown to alter the 3D physical body eradicating pain, in many cases curing dis-eases entirely, and removing the cause. This is a co-creative process  ~  the human must do their part as well through an open mind to new possibilities.


Several services are offered to assist with permanent healing in the body.


Energy Healing is performed by viewing the etheric or energy body in 5D, instead of the 3D physical body.  Everything that affects the 5D Energy Body directly affects the 3D Physical Body.

Healing the Energy Body includes techniques and technology never before allowed on Earth. Because of the shift in polarity to positive energy now being predominant on Earth resulting in Gaia ascending to 5D, energy healing methods not available in the past are now possible.

Zion and Dyana perform

~   intuitive coaching

~   intuitive readings

~   intuitive healing sessions

Healing sessions can be performed both

~  remotely while you sleep or rest

~  or in a private one-on-one session

One-on-one sessions are performed

~  via Zoom video session for which you receive a recording of the session.

~  via Skype

~  via telephone or Whatsapp for international calls.


How can medical intuitive healing and guidance restore balance in your life?


~  Findings reveal through the multi-dimensional approach, many of the 3D dis-ease manifestations originated through fear-based beliefs and misconceptions.

~  Coaching sessions with clients on new approaches to former misconceptions greatly assist in permanent release of all dis-ease.

~  The mental connections made through the healing experience also assist in closing the gap between 3D and 5D views on reality allowing expansion of all bodies.

~  Accepting that the body is energy requires an open mind ready to accept new beliefs.  Open-minded participants are more successful in healing both old beliefs surrounding the human body and the physical manifestations.  As a result, many clients trained to remain in a positive mindset are more likely to leap to a higher consciousness and understanding of their life, thereby shortening their path to Ascension.

~  Findings reveal that 5D and higher dimensional Light treatments now being offered will, in time, lessen pain in recovery and expedite the healing process. The medical intuitive healer expands the possibilities as the team studies results and continue to prove that the multi-dimensional energy healing methods open doors to astounding opportunities.

~  Findings show that the more spiritually-advanced study subjects are, the more successful they are in making the psychological leap into broader 5D understandings. Spiritually-advanced subjects have already done the spiritual work to open their minds to the higher concepts of the energy body in 5D. These individuals have also done the inner work required to reveal the inner truths of who they are; therefore, they are more receptive to the healing process.


We invite you to review the feedback in TESTIMONIALS of our clients. 


~  Our experience reveals how powerful the human mind is and how the subjects’ thoughts create the results that are expected during and after the healing session takes place. 


~  Individuals manifest their own results through their expectations. This is a powerful finding as the more optimistic individuals garner the most successful results~!

Is Energy Healing safe?


What the medical intuitive sees

~ Energy healing is safe because the human body is never touched physically.  The intuitive healer scans the energy body seeking abnormalities. 


~ Energy body healing is not only safe, but very gentle healing originating from love  ~  as the fifth dimension is love  ~  and lower frequencies do not exist in the higher dimensions. 


~ Also recovery is less painful and healing occurs more quickly than when healing the 3D physical body directly.


~ Only the very sensitive will feel the healing as it is occurring; however, the changes within the body are felt ~

  • As a  release of pain ~ often permanently ~
  • As uplifting of the spirits, feelings of joy and happiness ~
  • As a disconnection from the past that weighs heavily upon our physical bodies. 
  • This release from the past also shows as the signs of healing visibly occur.


What conditions can energy healing cure?


Many times we are asked what conditions can energy healing improve?  Mental, physical, and emotional healing must occur on all levels to create balance which results in a healthy balanced person overall; therefore, all areas must be addressed. There is a wide range of conditions that are positively, energetically affected.  There is no issue that cannot be healed.  Often terminal diseases are also healed.  The human manifested the disease and the human can heal the disease.  The Zion Collective teaches that there is no condition that cannot be reversed.


What are benefits of Energy Healing?


~   Energy Healing is not an invasive procedure, even when performing surgery, there is no sign on the 3D physical body that surgery was performed.  Only internal healing is experienced.  This includes organ and bone transplants. Replacement of lost cartilage in joints can also be performed energetically.

~   No x-rays or harmful radiation is used so the human is not exposed to dangerous side effects from such testing. The intuitive can clearly see every organ, muscle, bone, and joint in the physical form.  Healing is performed on the cellular level as well.

~   No harmful radiation dyes or harsh chemicals are used that damage human kidneys and other organs.

~   The human heart can be cleared of valve blockages safely without invasive procedures.

~   The cost of energy healing is a small fraction of modern healthcare costs. 

~   The intuitive healers work with conventional health care providers to assist in revealing the cause of a disease taking the guesswork out of conventional trial and error treatment that often can do more harm than good. 

~   All energy healing methods are performed safely in the sanitary and pristine environment of the 5D Energy Body. There is no risk of infections as in the 3D physical body as a result of invasive procedures exposing the body to bacteria and infections. All healing performed in 5D cannot be affected by anything in 3D.

~  Under continued guidance and coaching with Zion and Dyana, you can learn to manifest perfect balance in all your bodies and avoid dis-ease in the future.


What does remote viewing reveal?


What does the Medical Intuitive see when scanning the human body?

People are curious to know what the medical intuitive views when scanning the Energy Body in 5D.  The healers view any and all abnormalities in the energy body.  Viewing abnormalities allow healers to reveal and reverse any and all injuries and illnesses revealed in all body systems of the energy body including:

~ Broken bones, inflamed joints, or musculoskeletal injuries and results thereof.

~ Organ damage as well as the cause.

~ Kidney and gallbladder stones.

~ Results of stress and resultant deterioration upon the body.

~ Energy blockages lodged in the meridians of the body related to low-frequency thoughts and beliefs, developing painful bodily conditions.

~ Conditions carried through bloodlines from generation-to-generation and how to reverse these conditions.

~ Entity attachments undetected by other healing methods ~ often also familial attachments going back hundreds of years.

~ Quantum entanglement between two humans carried through multiple lifetimes connecting two people in a continuing cycle of pain and tragedy.

~ Artificial intelligence and parasitic infestations.

~ Traumatic experiences in childhood manifesting as a dis-ease or blockage in current and previous lifetimes still affecting the human experience.


We invite you to join our phenomenal exploration into 5D Medical Intuitive Quantum Energy Healing. 


Allow us to assist you in:


~ Rejuvenating your body

~ Clearing your emotional and stress blockages

~ Heal your pain permanently.

~ Transform your life into the life you always wanted.